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"In its price range XTZ SUB 12.17 is totally alone to perform full grown bass in this way, and to be totally clear. We think SUB 12.17 is awesome!"

- Jonas Bryngelsson, HemmaBio Tidningen - 

How do I adjust the phase on my subwoofer?

When setting the correct phase, there are certain steps you must follow:

1/ Adjust the subwoofer volume to the same/similar level as the front speakers. Set the subwoofers frequency to around 80 Hz (if receiver use this crossover point)

2/ Change the phase until the bass plays as loud as possible. The highest possible volume level indicates the correct phase.

3/ Fine tune the level and frequency back and forward until you are happy with the sound.

Tip: By using the XTZ Room analyzer II Pro in RTA mode (Real Time Analyzer) with pink noise activated, you will be able to find the correct phase and which reflex port that should be sealed/open in only a fraction of the time.

Good to Know Basics:

Volume, phase and crossover frequency (also placement of listening position and placement of the sub) are depending on each other, so if one of this parameters change, then the others change as well.

So if any parameter is changed like the crossover frequency, then this will also influence the volume and phase, meaning that these will need to be adjusted as well.

In a room there is never any correct phase over the whole frequency range, so phase needs to be set for the average best result spread over the frequency range.

My subwoofer is humming as soon as I connect the audio cable to it. What can I do?

It sounds like you have a ground loop issue. An unwanted voltage in the ground between your devices. The most common is that the RCA cable is of bad quality. If this is not the case, then make sure you connect all the devices in the same system so they are all powered from the same AC outlet. If none of this helps and you have a TV or set-up box in your system. Pull out the antenna cable and see if the humming goes away. If it does, then you need to connect a ground loop isolator to your antenna cable.

What settings of the subwoofer should be chosen in a home theater system?

In a surround set, the receiver or AVR is the central hub of the system and is responsible for the bass management (allocation of spectrum to the speakers and subwoofer).

Use the following settings on the subwoofer, if you use an automatic calibration system:

- Crossover: 160Hz
- Phase: 0 °
- Volume: 6db (depending on the calibration system)
- Low-pass: "OFF"EQ: "REF" (may be adjusted at any stage)
- Power: "AUTO" or "ALWAYS ON"
- Bass reflex tubes: left side open, closed right side (can be customized at any stage)

What settings of the subwoofer should be selected in a stereo system?

When using an amplifier which does not have a bass management, the Bass Management can be taken from the subwoofer. Use the following settings on the subwoofer:

- Crossover: Set the frequency response knob to a setting, which provides a seamless transition to your speakers (if you use small speakers with a shallow draft, should be chosen high frequency (z.B.100-150 Hz)). With larger speakers with stronger bass response a lower frequency (for example, 60-100 Hz) should be chosen.
- Phase: Set the phase-control dial to a setting which provides in connection with your speakers maximum bass (depending on the speaker).
- Volume: Set to a setting, which is adapted to your speakers (depending on the speaker) the volume knob.
- Low-pass: "ON"EQ: "REF" (may be adjusted at any stage)
- Power: "AUTO" or "ALWAYS ON"
- Bass reflex tubes: left side open, closed right side (can be customized at any stage)

Why does my subwoofer switch on only at high volume (Auto-On Mode)?

The switching-on of the subwoofer depends on the output of the receiver or AVR. A low output signal from the AV receiver can cause the subwoofer to turn on only at a high volume or to switch into standby-mode at music/movie parts with low SPL. A low output signal is present when the volume level of the subwoofer has a negative value in the receiver settings. To increase the sensitivity of the subwoofer, you can increase the volume level of the subwoofer in the receiver settings (after Auto Setup) manually and reduce the volume with the knob on the subwoofer to the same extent.

My subwoofer plays only very softly, why?

Often this is due to an incorrect setting of the crossover frequency. Please check that you have the controls for the crossover frequency to around 160 Hz when using an AV receiver or the switch "lowpass" is set to "Off". If you do not use an AV receiver, set the crossover frequency to the desired frequency.

On my old Subwoofer I had to turn up the volume control much less to achieve a good bass.

The volume control at XTZ subwoofers is done very precisely and thus enables a perfect adaptation to the front speakers. Unlike many other models, this can therefore not be as strongly increased compared to the rest of the hi-fi system. This does not mean that our subwoofers can play less maximum SPL. Set the level of the subwoofer simply to how much you want to hear it louder than the other speakers in the system. During the subsequent increase of the overall volume, the volume of the subwoofer will also increase.