EDGE A2-300

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Can the EDGE A2-300 be used in bridged mode (BTL) to double the output power into one channel (1 x 600W)?

No. However, with the the mono setting on the back, the EDGE A2-300 can split the signal from one RCA input to both output channels.
This means that one EDGE A2-300 can deliver 2 x 300 W, as long as it is connected to two seperate speaker terminal pairs (Bi-amping).

Can the EDGE A2-300 be delivered to my country?

The EDGE A2-300 can be delivered world wide, please contact our support if you want to place an order outside, US/CA, EU for fastest and cheapest shipping cost. 

Will the EDGE A2-300 work with my country mains voltage?

The EDGE A2-300 will work automatically with any mains voltage 100 - 240V, 50/60hz. 

Does a lower gain adjustment decrease performance of the EDGE A2-300?

No, it just works as a multiplyer for the incoming signal. Maximum power can still be reached as long as the input signal is strong enough.

Is it normal for the EDGE A2-300 to make a "ticking" sound in standby mode?

Yes, there is a standby circuit that makes a low ticking sound.
The circuit design allows the EDGE A2-300 to consume less than 0.3 W in standby. 

Can the EDGE A2-300 be used with only one output channel connected?

Yes, there is no harm in using the EDGE A2-300 with only one output channel active or conneted.

How strong signal does it take to turn the EDGE A2-300 on from standby mode?

The trigger level is 3 mV and the EDGE A2-300 will stay on for 8 minutes after the signal stops.