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SUB 12.17 EDGE - "Best in test" in mega subwoofer test HemmaBio magazine June 2019 (Sweden)

May 23 - 2019

"We have tested the 12.17 Edge before, and it is interesting to see how it, time and again, can deliver such good bass sound, and always at such an attractive price."

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SUB 12.17 EDGE - Test in the Home Cinema magazine December 2018 (Sweden)

February 01 - 2019

"Our warmest recommendations. It is only to surrender to XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge!
iIt's a very good subwoofer in every way, and if you have 10,000 SEK to spend it is this subwoofer you will spend your money on!"

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I have got this sub for a few months now. The room is over 25 square meters with a small kitchen and a hall (40 square meters counted together), so there is some place to move air.

SUB12.17 plays in a 5.2 configuration. System is based on Polish loudspeakers (Pylon Audio, Diamond series), Yamaha (center and back) and NAD (front) amplifiers, and there is already one another subwoofer: Paradigm Seismic. The Paradigm is a little beast, with a very small, closed casing. But it's really powerful, Seismic it's not only an advertisement. So, the surrounding components are good quality.

For now I have LFE signal through front speakers (they have very nice low end) and both subs. I had a bit of work to set subwoofers in the room, because of interference, but it's nothing special regarding a bit complicated system.

When I compare Paradigm and XTZ both devices produces nearly same quality of bass, despite of absolutely different solutions (closed vs vented). XTZ is really fast, not muddy, also when REF is selected. Of course it goes really deep. For music I prefer REF, but for movies EQ2 with a bit of additional punch, just sounds better to me. What is really outstanding, XTZ has more tweaking options - standard vol, phase, cutoff knobs, eq presets and tuned vents. Movies and concerts are different, some of them with deep and loud bass line and some quite weak-sounding, and that's when XTZ comes in - fast switching or vents tuning and you're on the way.

XTZ sub is really well made, details are outstanding (nice gloves, feels premium), and it sounds really good. I have to add that the manual is helpful, setup is easier, especially when you try to use EQ and vented ports.
very satisfied with my purchase. I had to fine tune the xtz sub 12.17 edge a bit but then the result is great too. it is certainly suitable for music listeners, but I would close the ports. then the bass tones are dry and tight. this sub can certainly go with the best but the price is a lot friendlier. the quality is very high. contacting is also easy and to your liking for questions and support
I can only agree with the previous reviews. After being a very happy owner of the "standard" Sub 12.17 I had some unfortunate issues with the built-in amplifier. No worries! XTZ's fantastic customer support not only helped, despite me having since relocated to the other side of the world. When sending a replacement they also offered an EDGE upgrade. This made my subwoofer perform at levels I didn't think were possible at this price range.

I can honestly say that the 100 euro price difference for the Sub 12.17 EDGE is worth every cent. Extremely refined, clean bass with a nice punch that can be felt. For anyone looking for a new subwoofer, I can give this speaker my warmest recommendations.
Due to my small room i never had the opportunity to find the optimal spot for the subwoofer so it didn't sound well, it was very boomy and lately the subwoofer was producing some noises so i thinked it was upgrade time!
After many research and very good feedback of the SUB 17 series due to their sound quality and the room tuning options with a very affordable price i went in contact with XTZ Support asking them an advice because i was undecided between the 10.17 edge and 12.17 edge subwoofers.

Mr. Olle advice me to go to the bigger model so i bought 2 due to the benefits of using more than one subwoofer.

What to say about them.... simply they are amazing, they are very fast and produce a very clean tight bass with an unbelievable strenght that i feel on my backs which is very pleasant, all the problems i had with the bass are gone.
What a wonderful Subwoofer and company!

After reading many positive reviews in internet, I decided to buy a XTZ 12.17 Subwoofer. I contacted to company for purchase and they upgraded my sub to “edge” version which is even more powerful than the original one.

Last week I watched a film with my friends. Everybody liked the sub. It’s located in my living room which is more than 30m2 and I didn’t feel any power issues! We were all shaken!

You can’t buy anything close to it for the same price. And It’s not just about price or’s about versatility, it’s about quality, it’s about customer service.

If you think that you can buy another subwoofer for the same price, think twice! It will have one option, but not all together.
A high end amp... or three color options...or sound tuning options...or higher build quality...or such a long warranty...

It’s really an all in one subwoofer. There is no match in its price category and well above!