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"In its price range XTZ SUB 12.17 is totally alone to perform full grown bass in this way, and to be totally clear. We think SUB 12.17 is awesome!"

- Jonas Bryngelsson, HemmaBio Tidningen - 

99 Series Surround Set - (Germany)

May 25 - 2016

"Far from it, the floorstand speakers are giving even for acoustically most demanding material their best and convince with precise timing, wonderful balance and excellent fine dynamics. The Multi-channel system of 99.36, 99.25 and Sub 12.17 continues this virtues and so present different artists like Metallica (" Through the Never ") or Adele (" Live at the Royal Albert Hall ") perfectly. "
- Jochen Schmitt 

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Sub 12.17 - AVMagazine (Italy)

May 02 - 2016

"In conclusion, there is no question we have two subwoofers I really like. The construction, the upstream design of the speakers and all the possibilities offered by the DSP and amplifier are remarkable.  You better keep an eye on this brand that knows what they want and know how to get it. The price of the two subwoofers are very tempting and if XTZ continues with this policy you will hear a lot more about them." 
- Gian Piero Matarazzo

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99 Series 5.1 Surround Set - HiFi Vision (Germany)

March 24 - 2016

"Pure fun then in "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation where the subwoofer can dish out uninhibited  and shows why a bass specialist is vitally important for home cinemas. The 12.17 reaches highest sound pressure levels without even flinching. The bass waves are sweeping through our listening room, the deep bass energy can be felt in the whole body. Here again it is very impressive, with which precision the XTZ subwoofer is working."

- Dirk Weyel, HiFi Vision

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SUB 12.17 - AREA DVD (Germany)

March 24 - 2016

"With the 12.17, XTZ releases one more enormously powerful subwoofer which provides first a superior price / performance ratio and which in this price range particularly with regard to its manufacturing quality and also its acoustical properties should be emulated."

- Philipp Kind, AREA DVD

+ Excellent price / performance ratio
+ Very good finish
+ Integrated Equalizers
+ Enclosed plugs for the bassreflex tubes
+ Outstanding acoustical properties

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Sub 12.17 - Ljud&Bild (Sweden)

March 19 - 2016

"The XTZ subwoofer line-up is a tough competition to other subwoofers. The Sub 12.17 is one of the more compact and cheaper subwoofers compared in this test, but offers the same high sound pressure level and outstanding sound quality." "When it comes to the quality of the components and finish, other manufacturers have a disadvantage compared to XTZ. Try and buy the best subwoofers of the comparison test."
-Audun Hage

+ Precise
+ Musical
+ Natural
- Nothing

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SUB 12.17 - HDfever (France)

January 26 - 2016

"Reference -Award"    Score: 9/10    "XTZ have established a new reference at affordable price."     "I have never before seen such a quality level at this price level."    "sublime and devastating bass. Low pitched response goes deep, strong and quick, precise, perfectly readable over a large frequency range, and adds a lot to the emotions that one could feel watching a movie or listening to music. "    "Talking of the quality of XTZ bass is talking about musicality, really."   "A true and complete success"

- Nicolas Bécuwe, HDfever

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SUB 12.17 - StereoLife Magazine (Poland)

January 19 - 2016

"Recommendation - Award"    Score: 8.8/10    "A well-designed, properly manufactured and reasonably priced subwoofer. The SUB 12.17 is able to do everything a good sub should do. It has a massive and sturdy housing, a powerful driver and amplifier, and a lot of adjustment options - both electronic and acoustic. Using the settings, you can tune the subwoofer to every speaker. XTZ can enrich our music, gently pulsating in the background and adding a concert depth to it, but with a touch of a switch, it can also become a real beast, shaking the walls when you're watching a movie. All things considered I think it will be a difficult task to find a better subwoofer at this price."

- Tomasz Karasinski, StereoLife Magazine

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99-Series Surround Set incl. 12.17 - Heimkino-Magazin (Germany)

January 07 - 2016

"If you are searching for the best sound for your home cinema, have an eye on this XTZ-combination - Highlight"

- Jochen Schmitt, Heimkino-Magazin

+ First class finish
+ Outstanding sound
+ Excellent equipment

SUB 12.17 - HemmaBio Tidningen - (Sweden)

December 21 - 2015

"Likes - Award"    "At the risk of being repetitive, I must pay tribute to XTZ's latest bass creation, even without taking the price aspect into consideration. We're offered quality subwoofer's performance all the way down into the sub-contraoctave, the adjustment possibilities for both room and taste and power enough to shake any bigger normal home cinema. But this isn't all, the price places SUB 12.17 in its totally own niche, and it doesn't even put it self to shame against twice as expensive competitors. In its price range XTZ SUB 12.17 is totally alone to perform full grown bass in this way, and to be totally clear. We think SUB 12:17 is awesome!"

- Jonas Bryngelsson, HemmaBio Tidningen

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Great product! It suites seamlessly with pair of KEL LS50 Wireless and completes them in the laking sub bass. The 12.17 is set in its reference volume, cutoff at 40 Hz, reference EQ and completely sealed. You know that this is a great product since the bass sounds different in every recording. Recommended!
I consulted by a friend to add another sub to my home theater which at that time was bass-powered by Finnish Amphion Impact 500. So I did and I was amazed how well low frequencies were produced in my small home theater! It was a good combination but something was bothering me, and I thought it might be due to two non-identical Subs! So, I leveraged XTZ's superb Buy&Try option and placed the order for another 12.17 :) And YES, now it's as good as I (and my friends) can imagine. I truly can recommend XTZ 12.17 (not to mention the affordable price tag!). And pls keep in mind: two subs are sooo much better - even in a small HT like I have :)
Superb! Best bass I have ever heard in this pricerange! Goes so low i just need to sit down and feel those goosebumps crawling all over my back!
Love it!
What to say....Exellent finitures, great sound so happy of my purchase. Thank's XTZ
12.17 is a large and extremely strong Subwoofer! Besides this subwoofer even my speakers look small. In any case a purchase recommendation! This subwoofer plays down to 19 Hz which means you cannot only hear the deep bass but also feel it very strongly! Movies are now much more realistic when everything shakes :)

Not recommended if you live in a rented apartment with fussy neighbours. The box is huge, thus unwieldy and the subwoofer is really heavy.
Purchase one and have fun: D
The 12.17 is a very good subwoofer which creates a high sound pressure and plays really precise. I mostly listen to music and use it for studio purpose. In combination with my studio monitors, it creates a really flat and neutral frequency response. It was very easy to install and fits great with my monitors. I would have loved to have access to the inner DSP of the subwoofer which seems to do a really good job. Maybe that is possible in the future?
Otherwise a really great subwoofer.
My old Subwoofer Teufel from the Theater 3 Series (M3100) has, unfortunately, once again broken and I was tired, to send it in again for repair, because I was never really happy with it. Somehow I always felt the sound to be unprecise and muffled. So I ordered the 12.17. After calibration with the Audyssey mic and manual readjustment I'm finally satisfied with the sound of my system. An accurate and dry bass. However, it took me a while to play around with the settings of my Denon AV Receiver and also shut off the dynamic equalizer because the bass initially quite boomed. Now the subwoofer makes listening to music a real joy and movies have a perfect cinema sound. Congrats XTZ!
The 12.17 creates a great bass performance in my living room (40sqm). Before that XTZ woofer, I had a woofer from Harmann Kardon but the XTZ is much more powerfull and also precise. It is also easier to integrate the 12.17 into a surround system harmonically.
I put the crosssover frequency at ma AV receiver to 80Hz and at the subwoofer used the bypass of the own crossover. I use the EQ 2 to have a little more punchy bass which I really appreciate.
Really a good and powerful subwoofer with good workmanship. The bass power is almost too much for a rental apartment with normal roomsize (20-30qm). For the price of 645 € an absolute purchase recommendation.
For a long time I hesitated with buying but after a comparison with a SVS PB2000 I purchased your 12.17 and never regretted this decision. Among my friends not a single one could understand why someone spends so much money for a subwoofer. After all you can basically get a whole home cinema system in the well known electonic-markets for that amount. That opinion changed after an invitation to listen to the sub ;-). In the end, the most important thing is to be happy with the decision and that is definitely the case for me.
For me as a resident of a block of apartment this woofer is more than enough but the deep clear and precise sound of the woofer makes me happy ervery time.
I recommend everyone not just to rely on reviews or reports but to test the subwoofer in your home. Howevery, I can highly recommend the 12.17!
A great and very powerful subwoofer. The bass is accurately reproduced. Fits great with my stereo system with two large floor standing speakers.
The 12.17 is perfect as addition for movies to provide the deepest bass which the floorstanders cannot provide.
The XTZ 12.17 was acquired in exchange for a JBL ES250P since it began to whistle.
The shipping was really fast!

The sub can be very well fine tuned unlike my JBL, which sounded already very good. I especially liked the possibilities to change the sound by using the bass reflex plugs. So I use the 12.17 in closed mode since I love that precision and still have a lot of deep bass.

The optics has also convinced me 100%:
I love the design and also the excellent finish!

Just one thing:
The front cover was very hard to mount the first time, so I first thought there was something wrong with it. The XTZ service told me that it was hard to mount depending on temperature and humidity the first time. This is true, it is much easier later on. Great product!
Large, black and powerful! Actually there's not much more to say about my 12.17. I operate the subwoofer with a Yamaha Receiver which is a good combination. Super price / performance ratio! Highly recommended!
The sound of the XTZ 12.17 is excellent. Wonderful bass at its best! No jingle, buzz or rattle. There are many possible adjustments but still they are very easy to handle. In addition to the rich bass sound we also liked the auto on/off function. Summarized, the sub has an excellent finish and the sound is just pure enjoyment. We would buy it again! Therefore, we can all only highly recommend the 12.17.