SUB 12.17 EDGE - Test in the Home Cinema magazine December 2018 (Sweden)

February 01 - 2019

"Our warmest recommendations. It is only to surrender to XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge!
It's a very good subwoofer in every way, and if you have 10,000 SEK to spend it is this subwoofer you will spend your money on!"

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SUB 10.17 EDGE - Test in magazine Hifi&Musik September 2018 (Sweden)

September 05 - 2018

"Sufficiently fast with ports plugged, sufficiently deep and heavy bass with EQ adjustments in the right positiion and open ports, along with a really affordable price."

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I've enjoyed my two XTZ 10.17 edge for now more than a year and have used them for nearly 700 hours already.
These subs are fantastic, and nothing short of a bargain at this price. You get clean, articulate yet chest crushing bass from these little monsters. The 10.17 edge will of course be more at ease in small to medium rooms if you like to listen at very loud levels. Fortunately, the 12.17 edge is here if you need even more power (but you could also buy two as I did, for even better results!) The finish on these subs is really good, the matte black is unconspicuous yet classy, and the box is rigid, heavy and sturdy. The multiple ways to tune your sub are also worth exploring to better suit your room and your taste. I also wish to acknowledge the quality of the customer service: responsive, personalized and eager to answer any question you may have or fix any problem (thank you Mario). Great subs, great business!
Hi I have received my XTZ 10.17 Edge subwoofer today. Wow. Beautiful gloss black finish. Sound is awesome. I have heard many subwoofers including Rel and have owned a Bowers and Wilkins asw4000. This thing really is amazing for its size. Bass is super tight on par with the Bowers and Wilkins. Not as loud or quite as deep but it is less than a quarter of the size and looks so much nicer. I have been searching for a good subwoofer that is small enough to fit in my room but doesn't compromise on sound. I have found it. Truly surprised. It's magic. I was a bit worried if had made the right decision to buy something without hearing it for myself and was unsure of whether I should have gone for the 12.17 edge but I'm glad to say I think I'm made the right decision. Thanks
My review after more than an year:

The XTZ 10.17 Edge is a very well-made subwoofer especially in Gloss Black. The quality of the finish is simple superb. I have 2 with this finish for more than a year and they are still like new. Extremely resistant to wipe marks. This is not something we can say about many products with this type of finish.

The brand support is also great! Always useful, fast and diligent.

Regarding sound, I'm extremely happy with the subwoofers. I've heard a few subwoofers before buying this and after. I'm glad I choose to go with XTZ. For the price and size, I don't know nothing that comes close in terms of performance and adjustability. They sound great with movies and music. Fast, detailed and go really low even considering their 10” driver.

The only downside I can think off… I had to do some work on my leaving room to eliminate a few rattles which were never apparent with my previous subwoofers😉.

XTZ is a company that makes great products with great price-performance-quality ratio. The support is on the same level. I’m a very happy costumer.
I purchased 2 SUBs 10.17 EDGE about 4 weeks ago and here is my impression:

Customer Service and Support
From the beginning, when I first made contact with ΧΤΖ having some general questions about the Subs, up till the actual setup and calibration of the Subs, Customer Service response was fast and extremely helpful.

They had a “Preorder Discount” for the EDGE subs so in reality, I bought them cheaper than the plain 10.17. They also included some isolation pads for free. So Thumbs Up here also.
Shipping and packaging. Shipping to Greece was done with UPS and extremely cheaply I would say (24€ for each 20kilos box). They arrived on time with no surprises. The cartons provided more than adequate protection for the subs.

The Subs are beautiful, especially with the Gloss Black finish (which comes at no extra cost). I prefer them with the cover on. They are more inconspicuous in my opinion. I also like that it covers the entire front and not just the woofer. I wasn’t expecting them to be so large though. I can imagine now how huge the 12.17 must be…

Controls and Operation
The fact that the Phase is a dial and not a switch between 2 positions (0 and 180) helped a lot since, in my case, the best value for the right Sub was at about 80. There is also the Equalizer Function (in the EDGE Model) which might be useful if I discover any frequency dips or peaks later on and don’t want to use any external DSP (since my receiver doesn’t have the SUB EQ function). I also use the Standby switch which works well. There is no problem for the Subs to turn on when the signal from the AVR comes through (I have a Denon AVR-X2500H). I also have not heard any bussing or hissing noise while in standby mode or turned on. That is good since I have read that sometimes Subs can do that.

Sound quality
Since I did not have any other sub up until now, the first time I watched a movie with them I was overwhelmed. It is frightening sometimes how much reality a good sub (or 2) can add to the movie experience. The bass from my speakers could not compete with the subs, even though it reached (at least on paper) as low as 37HZ. The fact that the ports are in front also helped, since my speakers are backported and sounded very boomy standing near a wall. I have made some tests with the ports and I concluded that the all-around configuration is the reference position, although when fully plugged (sealed) they produced pleasant results in music and in movies (with less db though). I haven’t decided yet which mode I prefer but the good thing is that I have the options to choose from.

The main reason I went with the 10.17 model and not the 12.17 was lack of space. Even the 10.17 are large. However, I discovered another reason. Since I live in an apartment with other flats above and below me, even these 10’ subs can rock the foundations of the building. I have not dared to move the Gain above 11 o Clock.

I should mention that the room is an L shaped Living Room – open Kitchen area (35 m2 the main area and 10m2 the kitchen area with 2.65 m ceiling height)

So, why 2 Subs and not just 1? I was making some tests, playing something with just 1 sub and then with 2. The bottom line is that even one sub is acceptable but, when you hear 2 and have 1 suddenly removed there is definitely something missing. I think that 2 subs also resolve the localization issue of the bass. And all that without any proper individual calibration.

I am thrilled with the 10.17 Edge Subs. They have upgraded my listening experience to the degree that I am starting to revisit older movies just to hear the LFE channel as it should have been heard.
I'm very happy with the 10.17 edge. I had an old subwoofer similar for price and dimensions, now I think my previous sub was just good to make noise, I'm glad it died. The XTZ seems more controlled and I rediscovered the audio of my Blu-ray collection. The quality of construction seems very good.
These subs are truly remarkable given the price tag. My room is 36m2. I have 2 of these subs. They are extremely powerful and go low enough for music and movies. I don't like boomy bass but I do like to ear and feel it. These subs provide me that. They also integrate well with my speakers and complement them perfectly (Tannoy Revolution XT8F). Very versatile with all the tuning options they have.

Coming from the prior generation (XTZ 10.17), they definitely feel faster, more controlled and more powerful. I also noticed the amplifier runs much cooler.

I truly recommend them.