SUB 12.17 EDGE - "Best in test" in mega subwoofer test HemmaBio magazine June 2019 (Sweden)

May 23 - 2019

"We have tested the 12.17 Edge before, and it is interesting to see how it, time and again, can deliver such good bass sound, and always at such an attractive price."

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SUB 12.17 EDGE - Test in the Home Cinema magazine December 2018 (Sweden)

February 01 - 2019

"Our warmest recommendations. It is only to surrender to XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge!
iIt's a very good subwoofer in every way, and if you have 10,000 SEK to spend it is this subwoofer you will spend your money on!"

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Divine Delta - AREA DVD (Germany)

September 10 - 2018

"Well done, XTZ The Divine Delta is visually an impressive appearance, the beautiful optics combined with exemplary processing. If you then connect the large bookshelf speaker, you can immerse yourself deeply in any musical world, and no matter what kind of music it is. Either club music, classical music, jazz or pop, does not matter at all: The delta always plays sovereign, always cultivated, extremely pleasant, at the same time dynamic and with extreme SPL capabilities - for the money invested almost unrivaled at present."
- Carsten Rampacher

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SUB 10.17 EDGE - Test in magazine Hifi&Musik September 2018 (Sweden)

September 05 - 2018

"Sufficiently fast with ports plugged, sufficiently deep and heavy bass with EQ adjustments in the right positiion and open ports, along with a really affordable price."

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Spirit SUB 12 - Hemmabio (Sweden)

August 03 - 2018

"A thoughtful product like this one is fun to review because I can give a wholehearted recommendation, but it's hard for me not to make a brainwashed impression when I'm not expressing any direct criticism. Personally, I like black or slightly snowy dark wood. But anyone who wants to use the subwofer in a home cinema will appreciate the matt black, while the matt white is more suitable for modern living spaces. RCA outputs are no important detail, but it is also missing if we are to dig into any shortcomings. In other words, this subwoofer is good, really really good."
- Thomas Odeltorp

EDGE A2-300 - Audiophile Magazine (Thailand)

July 23 - 2018

"A2-300 has passed my test of power and dynamic when I listen at high volume level with enormous bass music. I continue using high sound level but the chassis is only warm for my touch. This is normal to the ICEpower amp. I found that the frequency response is very stable and precise. It has good sound since the first minute after turn on, no need to wait for ten more minutes like other amps. The reserved power push music with like liked and musicality with truthful presentation. With various kinds of music, vocals, pops, any reordings, it generates sound with openness and no hiding..."This is the dream amplifier which is easy to use and you can live long with it. Anyone who is looking this style of amplifier, this is the golden opportunity for you."
- Kittikun

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Cinema Series - HifiVision 16/2018 (Germany)

July 13 - 2018

"The M8 Tower and M8 Center, with the eye-catching 6-channel array of tweeters, provide an ideal dispersion with ultra-low distortion. Combined with the S5 dipols and powerful SUB1X12 subwoofer, the XTZ Cinema set is a real eye-catcher for rousing home theater sound at the highest level. "

+ THX-Ultra licensed
+ strong high-tonal array
+ enormous dynamics

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EDGE A2-300 - (Germany)

June 18 - 2018

"Actually, I do not know any power amp - sorry for the somewhat flat-looking, but true statement - that delivers so much for so little money. It is not just the sheer sine wave power of the XTZ Edge A2-300, but the sound as well. On the plus side there is a strong, fast bass range, an astonishingly "analogous", almost tube-like fine midrange resolution, impressive coarse and fine dynamics as well as a stage construction, which is characterized by a clean, accurate presentation and a lively, non-dissecting sound. If you add price, workmanship and practicality (it's not a problem to put it in your laptop bag), you can only congratulate the manufacturer for the XTZ Edge A2-300. "
- Jochen Reinecke

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Divine Delta - (Germany)

June 11 - 2018

"Even for a lot more money, there's not going to be many such good speakers - the homogenous sound image, the filigree richness of details and the authentic representation of space and timbres are phenomenal - the XTZ Divine Delta reveals music in a fascinating way."
- Wolfang Kemper

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Cinema Series - (Germany)

May 18 - 2018

"The developers at XTZ know their compatriots - no wonder the XTZ Cinema series offers so much power, dynamics and the proverbial bang for a buck."
- Raphael Vogt

+ Very neutral, balanced sound
+ Extreme dynamic reserves
+ Ingenious subwoofer
+ Flexibly combinable

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EDGE A2-300 - (Germany)

May 14 - 2018

"The XTZ Edge A2-300 can be ordered in the online shop of XTZ direct sales for currently 495, - Euro and thus is a real price-performance blast."
- Matthias Fengler

+ very good workmanship
+ harmonious choice of material
+ Power / SPL reserves
+ efficient technology
+ Rack mounting option
+ Price / performance ratio

- no XLR input

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Divine Delta - (Germany)

April 20 - 2018

"Yes, with this concept and the high quality of the material, competitors will have a hard time placing something equivalent on the market at a price of € 3.990, which is certainly due to the advantage of direct sales, less costs and margins due to non-existent retailers. For us the XTZ Divine Delta is certainly the reference in this price range, this time we have found nothing to complain about and deserve her our highest award. "
- Matthias Fengler

+ first-class paint finish
+ stable housing / harmonious design
+ extremely valuable connection terminal
+ high quality technical equipment
+ detailed sound picture
+ excellent radiation characteristics
+ firm and precise bass reproduction
+ Adaptability to the room
+ Price structure / equivalent
+ visually perfect stand available

- Nothing

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EDGE A2-300 - AREA DVD (Germany)

March 23 - 2018

"XTZ creates the sensation with the EDGE A2-300: a "Masterpiece", our highest and therefore rarely awarded test award, for a two-channel amplifier that costs just EUR 495. High-quality processed, extremely compact, and acoustically simply terrific. That's what winners look like."
- Carsten Rampacher

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Cinema Series - Hemmabio (Sweden)

March 14 - 2018

"The XTZ set masters the art of playing both super-detailed and extremely loud, which is not possible with many affordable systems."
- Thomas Odeltorp

Cinema 1X12 - Ljud & Bild (Sweden)

February 20 - 2018

"The subwoofer from XTZ costs half as much as the others with the same size and impact. And does not get beat by anyone!

Lightning fast, distinct, and very powerful means that XTZ SUB 1x12 is a top-of-the-line subwoofer for both music and movies. It is also pretty easy to place. And it costs half as much as its competitors!"

- Geir Gråbein Nordby

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Cinema Series - HEIMKINO (Germany)

February 02 - 2018

"In our test cinema, the XTZ set was able to implement 100 percent of its laboratory-determined advantages and played at a particularly high level. The perfect tonality of the entire set and its balanced dispersion characteristics, which forms the basis for precise spatiality, really appealed to us. Even acoustically very complex scenes from films like "Lone Survivor" or "Edge of Tomorrow" were solved wonderfully by the Cinema-M8-Set and left dialogues crystal clear above everything else without dissecting the whole picture or even destroying it."
- Michael Voigt

Spirit 2 + Spirit SUB 12 - (Germany)

January 12 - 2018

"This XTZ combination makes it possible for the owner to put a smile on his face and possibly to re-live existing titles. The Spirit 2 are wonderfully present in the action despite their size, so they control the film action with a very precise and clear voice reproduction but are also able to do very well in the midrange."
- Matthias Fengler

+ First-class workmanship
+ High-quality sanding varnish
+ Small footprint
+ Tonality / sound
+ Performance due to size
- Sockets for front cover visible

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Divine Alpha - (Germany)

December 20 - 2017

"When writing these lines in the conclusion, I notice that in the above description of sound I delivered the greatest compliment for the XTZ basically en passant: All speakers, which came to my mind as a benchmark, are, concerning the price level, at least one level above the Alpha. This clearly reveals the level at which the XTZ Divine Alpha plays: resolution / transparency, dynamics, airiness, long-term fitness and neutrality are on an absolute high-end level, also in the range far above 10.000€ there is not (much) more to get."
- Jörg Dames

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Cinema 1X12 - Hiendy HiFi Club (China)

November 20 - 2017

"It is difficult to find a subwoofer to fully fill a 200 sqft area with high dynamic low bass at the same price point of SUB 1×12. I am sure that higher price model would have at ease of fulfilling that, but that would be another story to tell. If you are in the market for a natural cinema sounding subwoofer, but also be able to tune for your personal taste/preference in bass, you should definitely give XTZ Cinema SUB 1×12 a try."

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99.36 MK3 (FLR) - (Germany)

November 18 - 2017

"99/100 Points" "Based on a well-tuned, deep and clearly structured bass, the sound of the 99.36 FLR is accentuated by a variety of timbres, a high degree of transparency and detail, as well as a concise and vivid representation of vocals. The testers especially liked the way the Fountek ribbon tweeter played, which doesn't contain any kind of tonal hardship or hissing." "With their sonic abilities, the XTZ 99.36 FLR catapults itself into the high-end league of passive speakers and is now the Technic3D reference in the price group around 1500€ / pair."
- Gerd Büsse

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Divine Alpha - (Germany)

October 16 - 2017

"The XTZ Divine Alpha is one of the most affordable ways to get into the high-end loudspeaker Olympus and stay there for a long time. With that extraordinary speaker you have a perfect base to build a real top-notch system of the highest quality."
- Peter Banholzer

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Tune 4 - (Germany)

September 27 - 2017

"The XTZ Tune 4 is a real "wonder" or realistic, a first-class (active) loudspeaker but also as a stereo solution for the living room. All these possibilities make the Tune 4 more than just a great speaker, whether in the sound itself, or in the quality of the cabinet and its overall features. The speaker provides an amazing dynamic range and amount of details, also the bass qualities are astonishing. If you need more, you can also easily connect a subwoofer to the subwoofer-output." "From our side, there is a clear purchase recommendation."
- Marcel Büttner

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Tune 4 - Stereopluss (Norway)

July 01 - 2017

"There are not many options for really good sound on the desk. We have already tested the Quadral Rondo Active and they are certainly a good alternative but still I find that the Tune 4 gives a better insight into the music with more timbre and details in the sound. Furthermore the Dirac DSP gives you a unique opportunity to adjust the sound as you like. Whether you're working, surfing or just sitting in front of the screen, the Tune 4 always make an excellent impression. The Speakers can also be used to support the TV sound, for example, via the optical input and it definitely sounds better than any soundbar! "
- Håvard Holmedal

Spirit SUB 12 - AREA DVD (Germany)

June 20 - 2017

"The XTZ Spirit Sub 12 is able to convince in every discipline. Stylish optics, high-quality workmanship, rich equipment for great flexibility and a powerful yet precise sound are the characteristics of the Swedish subwoofer. Weaknesses are looked for in vain." "The competitors are also strong, but the XTZ impresses with its high acoustic harmony and the absolutely identical handling of music and movie source material. Very high SPL capabilities and an outstanding precision, even with parallel occuring bass effects, are part of the  impressive performance." "This is how to build active subwoofers: the XTZ Spirit Sub 12 combines enormous performance and high-quality appearance for a small purchase price"
- Carsten Rampacher

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SUB 10.17 - (Germany)

June 12 - 2017

"With the 99.25 speakers and the 10.17 subwoofer, XTZ has a combo in the portfolio that is fun without ever losing the seriousness. A perfect lacquer finish, high-quality connection panels and many possibilities of sound adjustment are not common in this price class. The subwoofer offers a tremendous performance, the built-in DSP and the sophisticated bass reflex adjustments are a clear statement towards the competitors at a price of just under 550 euros."
- Matthias Fengler

+ Very high quality workmanship / material choice
+ Optical appearance / paint quality
+ Installed technology / technical equipment
+ Sound adjustments / sound
- Nothing

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99.36 MK3 (FLR) - (Germany)

June 07 - 2017

"The precise, structured and tremendously rich and powerful bass is simply fascinating in this price class. Of course: the competitors are also doing well in reproducing bass, but I think the Swedish developers have achieved something special when constructing the 99.36. In addition, the connection to the higher frequency ranges takes place smoothly, the mid range has punch, plasticity and naturalness without any blurring effect. The XTZ offers a perfect timing and a very confident, light-footed character with practically every type of music."
- Tobias Zoporowski

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Spirit 11 - AVForums (UK)

May 19 - 2017

"Some products instil a positive feeling pretty much the moment you unbox them. They don’t have to be enormously expensive to do so. They simply have to exude the feeling that they have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to achieve the absolute maximum their constituent components are capable of....Speakers are subjective items – two examples of ‘correct’ design practise can sound rather different in practise – but the Spirit 11 is likely to please a great many people. Based on this impressive roster of abilities, it has to be considered a Best Buy."
- Ed Selley

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All Customer Ratings

Produkt: Class A100 D3
This integrated amplifier gives me all I need for the best sound experience in my living room. It offers very good value for money. You can clearly tell the difference between class A and AB mode and switching to the former gives your brain an excellent sound experience. Integrated DAC offers additional input option for a lot of modern input sources. I combine it with the set of XTZ stereo loudspeakers what makes them perfect combination.The design is pure aluminium, very solid and modern look. The only problem was volume knob potentiometer which does not run smoothly anymore but thanks to excellent XTZ team support I will fix it by myself.
Produkt: M6
I purchased a complete system with 3 x M6 (right, left and central) 2x S5 and 4x S2 (to be used as Atmos). The speakers have a beautiful, clear and crystalline sound that perfectly distinguishes every sound effect and highlights the particle sounds like I had never heard before (I already have 2 sets of speakers, Focal Chorus series 800 and Klipsch series RP 260, but the XTZ they are better for me than both). The S5s have an enveloping and immersive sound and the S2s like Atmos ceiling speakers, perform their job perfectly. Aesthetically they are very beautiful, well cared for and finished, with a solid and very "cinematic" appearance. I was so impressed that I am considering shortly adding 2 more to upgrade from 5.2.4 to 7.2.4. Thanks XTZ. :)
very satisfied with my purchase. I had to fine tune the xtz sub 12.17 edge a bit but then the result is great too. it is certainly suitable for music listeners, but I would close the ports. then the bass tones are dry and tight. this sub can certainly go with the best but the price is a lot friendlier. the quality is very high. contacting is also easy and to your liking for questions and support
Produkt: M8 Tower
I am using the XTZ M8 with the XTZ A2-300 amplifier, and they both perform really well. The angled speaker makes for a bit easier placement, but it fires quite widely so you don't need to be in the "sweet spot" to hear everything with all the clarity. Highly recommended.
I can only agree with the previous reviews. After being a very happy owner of the "standard" Sub 12.17 I had some unfortunate issues with the built-in amplifier. No worries! XTZ's fantastic customer support not only helped, despite me having since relocated to the other side of the world. When sending a replacement they also offered an EDGE upgrade. This made my subwoofer perform at levels I didn't think were possible at this price range. I can honestly say that the 100 euro price difference for the Sub 12.17 EDGE is worth every cent. Extremely refined, clean bass with a nice punch that can be felt. For anyone looking for a new subwoofer, I can give this speaker my warmest recommendations.
Exceed all expectations
Produkt: EDGE A2-300
I purchased this amp for my TV setup, no triggering required due to signal sensing which works very well. The only thing I would say is that they should consider a model with balanced inputs, this amp deserves that level of connectivity. Very pleasantly surprised. A pair of these in monaural mode would be very interesting indeed. I may just have to try that some day. You shouldn't expect sound like this from an amp of this price, it has oodles of power, the bass is tight and well controlled, the level of detail is very good without being harsh, I can listen to this for hours without fatigue. The noise floor is silent. This would make a great desktop amp for a pair of passive monitors. The build quality is excellent. I'm using mine with a Yamaha WXC-50 into a Chord 2Qute DAC with Chord Shawline wiring all round. Paired with a digital streamer /pre-amp this makes a very nice bit of kit.
Produkt: EDGE A2-300
I recently bought an XTZ Edge A2-300 to experiment with bi-amping my PMC IB2SE’s. My Rogue tube amp might like some relief with the bass. Testing the XTZ Edge as stand alone power amp, I get flabbergasted at the control and entertaining musicality it presents. Yes, I get a bit nervous about the seeming synthetic high frequency timbre. My usual interconnect from preamp has too fat plugs for the Edge’s terminals, but rummaging through my dismissed cable drawer I found van den Hul carbon interconnect. Fantastic - it matches the Edge very well. The resulting sound is very agreeable. The dynamics, transients power, resolution and control in the Edge is stunning. And at this price it is a killer! I could easily live with it as my only power amp.
I purchased 2 SUBs 10.17 EDGE about 4 weeks ago and here is my impression: Customer Service and Support From the beginning, when I first made contact with ΧΤΖ having some general questions about the Subs, up till the actual setup and calibration of the Subs, Customer Service response was fast and extremely helpful. Price They had a “Preorder Discount” for the EDGE subs so in reality, I bought them cheaper than the plain 10.17. They also included some isolation pads for free. So Thumbs Up here also. Shipping and packaging. Shipping to Greece was done with UPS and extremely cheaply I would say (24€ for each 20kilos box). They arrived on time with no surprises. The cartons provided more than adequate protection for the subs. Style The Subs are beautiful, especially with the Gloss Black finish (which comes at no extra cost). I prefer them with the cover on. They are more inconspicuous in my opinion. I also like that it covers the entire front and not just the woofer. I wasn’t expecting them to be so large though. I can imagine now how huge the 12.17 must be… Controls and Operation The fact that the Phase is a dial and not a switch between 2 positions (0 and 180) helped a lot since, in my case, the best value for the right Sub was at about 80. There is also the Equalizer Function (in the EDGE Model) which might be useful if I discover any frequency dips or peaks later on and don’t want to use any external DSP (since my receiver doesn’t have the SUB EQ function). I also use the Standby switch which works well. There is no problem for the Subs to turn on when the signal from the AVR comes through (I have a Denon AVR-X2500H). I also have not heard any bussing or hissing noise while in standby mode or turned on. That is good since I have read that sometimes Subs can do that. Sound quality Since I did not have any other sub up until now, the first time I watched a movie with them I was overwhelmed. It is frightening sometimes how much reality a good sub (or 2) can add to the movie experience. The bass from my speakers could not compete with the subs, even though it reached (at least on paper) as low as 37HZ. The fact that the ports are in front also helped, since my speakers are backported and sounded very boomy standing near a wall. I have made some tests with the ports and I concluded that the all-around configuration is the reference position, although when fully plugged (sealed) they produced pleasant results in music and in movies (with less db though). I haven’t decided yet which mode I prefer but the good thing is that I have the options to choose from. The main reason I went with the 10.17 model and not the 12.17 was lack of space. Even the 10.17 are large. However, I discovered another reason. Since I live in an apartment with other flats above and below me, even these 10’ subs can rock the foundations of the building. I have not dared to move the Gain above 11 o Clock. I should mention that the room is an L shaped Living Room – open Kitchen area (35 m2 the main area and 10m2 the kitchen area with 2.65 m ceiling height) So, why 2 Subs and not just 1? I was making some tests, playing something with just 1 sub and then with 2. The bottom line is that even one sub is acceptable but, when you hear 2 and have 1 suddenly removed there is definitely something missing. I think that 2 subs also resolve the localization issue of the bass. And all that without any proper individual calibration. Verdict I am thrilled with the 10.17 Edge Subs. They have upgraded my listening experience to the degree that I am starting to revisit older movies just to hear the LFE channel as it should have been heard.
I'm very happy with the 10.17 edge. I had an old subwoofer similar for price and dimensions, now I think my previous sub was just good to make noise, I'm glad it died. The XTZ seems more controlled and I rediscovered the audio of my Blu-ray collection. The quality of construction seems very good.