Spirit Series 5.1 Set - Lowbeats.de (Germany)

May 13 - 2017

"The fact that Scandinavians have a sense of good loudspeakers is nothing new, that they love their home cinemas through long winters as well, so no wonder the XTZ Spirit series is what it promises: high dynamics of discreet design with noble matt multi-layer finishes and impeccable processing." "The whole Spirit set sounds pleasantly dynamic and shows rather warm, earthy sound colors, which will never be annoying and can lead to enormous reserves for its compact dimensions. Speakers like these are often only able to deliver either fine music or action-movies, the XTZ Spirit series instead delivers both! "... This makes the XTZ Spirit series a real bargain."
- Raphael Vogt

+ Great workmanship, compact size
+ Variable sound tuning for all speakers
+ Powerful subwoofer
- Floorstanding speakers are little unsteady without optional feet

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - Hifi-Test (Germany)

April 27 - 2017

"With the Spirit series XTZ has released a big hit. These loudspeakers look superb, are first-class processed and even literally go through as sound furniture. Our 5.1 Surround Set from the Spirit line offers precise, dynamic sound, which meets even the most demanding requirements. A particularly practical feature is the possibility to operate all loudspeakers of the series as a bass reflex or closed construction in real listening rooms. Sound adjustment is also possible with the jumper on the backside lowering the tweeter level and the three presets of the subwoofer. A look at the more than fair overall price of the Spirit 5.1 set should also create a smile in the faces of potential buyers, because with this performance and processing quality the set is an absolute purchase recommendation."
- Michael Voigt

Spirit 11 - Modernhifi.de (Germany)

April 24 - 2017

"Low price with great sound - these are the XTZ Spirit 11. At first glance somewhat unspectacular, as the treble sounds more clean than agressive, they show, especially at higher volume, a great performance. With a proper punch in the bass and a neutral overall tuning, the Spirit 11 is suitable for audiophile leisure as well as for big home cinema thunderstorms."
- Torsten Pless

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - likehifi.de (Germany)

March 31 - 2017

"For this price class, XTZ offers a wonderful 5.1 set with the Spirit series which does not have to hide behind big names. The sound is full and powerful, but at the same time also audibly dynamic. Specifically adapted to the own hearing or home cinema - The XTZ play a league higher than you would have expected it at the price, and we say: Do not hesitate and simply try the set at your own home."
- Erik Schober

+ Great price / performance ratio
+ Good sound reproduction
+ Numerous sound adjustments possible
- Nothing

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Headphone Divine - Audisseus (Germany)

March 23 - 2017

"With the XTZ Headphone Divine, the Swedes make an impressive debut in the headphone segment, comfortable to carry and uncomplicated in handling, the Divine is a good companion for its sensitivity and the low impedance of low-power amps from smartphone and co. While its balanced sound image does not have any weaknesses but scores with long-term suitability and agile suppleness."
- Fritz I. Schwertfeger

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Tune 4 - technic3D.com (Germany)

March 11 - 2017

"The Tune 4 is particularly impressive for its price class of around 500 euros, which is mainly due to its transparency, structure and high-quality precision. Tune 4 rewards the listener with a bony-dry, precise bass, and thus expresses the emotional expressive power of even the most demanding music impressively." "At the same time our team awarded the XTZ Tune 4 as a sound reference in the active box price class below 500 €."
- Gerd Büsse

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Spirit Series 5.0 Set - SuperAV (China)

March 10 - 2017

"The Spirit speakers have embraced high technology, and they are your best choice if you prefer a powerful and balanced sound experience. Indeed, your demand would be available by the different ways of speakers matching." "When appreciating the movies, I select another blue-ray disc of Celion Dion Las Vegas Concert to review the reproduction of the Spirit Series in s multichannel setup. What surprises me is that it leaves me a so incredible impression that I feel surrounded amongst the rhythm performed by drums and the clear and accurate high-pitched voice of Celion Dion!"

SUB 8.17 - technic3D.com (Germany)

March 09 - 2017

"With a clear, precise bass reproduction which can be modified by the wide range of possible settings between particularly deep and structured-dry sound, the subwoofer inspires its listeners. This allows the discerning user to adapt the sound perfectly to his / her personal preferences as well as the conditions of the listening room. The Sub 8.17 presents itself as an excellent bass loudspeaker, which is perfectly suitable for the sound support of compact boxes and can be considered almost as a bargain for the price of 345 euros (plus shipping). XTZ has without doubt landed a perfect hit with this subwoofer."
- Gerd Büsse

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Divine Alpha - AREA DVD (Germany)

March 09 - 2017

"The XTZ speaker therefore marks its place in the dance of the top speakers, which are still affordable. Practically nowhere is there more box for money - first-class housing, highly solid, brutally heavy, elaborately braced and pattern-processed. In addition there are drivers of well-known manufacturers, which offer reference level without compromises. The Divine Alpha, with its two qualities, is very exciting: Emotional-deep acoustic harmony and a sovereignty, which we rarely experienced in 20 years of test experience."
- Carsten Rampacher

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Spirit 11 - Hifi-Journal.de (Germany)

March 07 - 2017

"The Spirit 11 doesn't sound or look like a beginners speaker at all. The processing is very high-quality, the massive cabinet is equipped with an excellent varnish finish and is very valuable. The Spirit 11 delivers a rich, dynamic sound, and has also been harmoniously tuned."
- Matthias Fengler

+ Valuable processing / lacquer finish
+ Technical equipment
+ Customizable sound
+ Sound characteristics / tonality
+ Allrounder music / film operation
- Bracket for front cover optically not solved optimally

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - AREA DVD (Germany)

March 06 - 2017

"XTZ has practically done everything right with the Spirit series: natural, harmonious and precise sound, noble workmanship, contemporary look - and the whole at a price that amazes. For a around 2,000 EUR, it will be difficult to get an even more powerful overall package. The extremely powerful active subwoofers clearly stands out in the Spirit set. All components are well processed, leaving little scope for criticism: It would be desirable if the Swedes offered suitable top firing modules for the Spirit 11 front loudspeakers."
- Carsten Rampacher

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99.25 MK3 (LCR) - WHAT HI*FI (India)

March 01 - 2017

"A versatile and well built pair of bookshelf speakers, the budget for which if you have, there is no where else you should put your money." "We have hardly anything to complain about here. If there has to be pointer, it would be the 99.25's disagreeable nature with MP3s. You make that mistake and the XTZs don't forgive you for your bad judgement. Feed these only the best you have to offer and enjoy a sound that's well rounded and balanced. These are speakers best enjoyed with a nice glass of whatever poison you like and a playlist that won't end."
- Kaizad Billimoria

+ Superb balance, detailed midrange, airy treble, tight bass
- You just get two for that price, we want more

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Spirit 11 - StereoPluss 1/17 (Norway)

February 18 - 2017

"XTZ Spirit 11 plays well above expectations, and marks a new level of quality in the price range below 8.000 NOK. They sound entertaining and engaging and together with a reasonable amplifier you are only one purchase away from an amazing listening experience. Suddenly XTZ was the reason why all the other manufacturers of speakers must sharpen up yet little extra, get up very early in the morning and come up with new stuff that plays even better. They also did well, but right now I can not see others who completely manage to compete with Spirit 11 at this price."
- Håvard Holmedal

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Tune 4 - Lautsprecher-Junkie (Germany)

January 05 - 2017

"Even at a low volume, you're almost in the middle of the action, and the basic design of the Tune 4 is also very good at low volume, with a warm and precise bass. It is a very pleasant and unobtrusive sound picture, which is further refined and optimized with the DSP settings "On Wall" or "On Desk". Then the software can be used to slow down the bass or to modify the run times for the table reflection, which can definitely be heard and the difference is impressive."
- Maik Dahles

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Cinema 1X12 - Sound & Vision (USA)

December 30 - 2016

"Given the SUB 1X12’s hulking presence, I couldn’t resist cueing up a few favorite bass cows. The opening of Hall & Oates’ classic “She’s Gone” bloomed with 30-Hz deliciousness, while the finale of the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony was in-the-hall awesome, and my few, in-the-name-of-science dub-step tracks indeed proved a dentist’s best friend. 

Even at reference level in my substantial-volume studio, the XTZ sub had no problem presenting Max’s most impressive impacts and explosions (of which there are many) with full effect and nary a trace of limiting or overreach."
- Daniel Kumin

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99.25 MK3 (LCR) - Fairaudio.de (Germany)

December 20 - 2016

"The XTZ offer a perfect performance in almost all criteria, but their greatest talent is that they reproduce music wonderfully homogeneously. The clean reproduction of sound colours, which clearly shows every instrument, intertwines with high localization, resulting in a tremendously authentic overall impression. Similar synergies arise from tonal neutrality and resolution. Both - in each case to a large extent - do not sound cool or analytical, but simply correct."
- Martin Mertens

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - Hemmabio (Sweden)

December 13 - 2016

"With its sturdy and almost austere appearance XTZ gives a very solid impression. It is conveniently, well built, not too expensive and also sounding with a high entertainment factor. Actually, there is nothing to complain on, we surrender and give two solid Thumbs up! Although I liked the 95 series and although I call myself a reactionary, I think the Spirit is a major step forward in the development for XTZ."
- Thomas Odeltorp

+ Well built and good concept
+ Accurate and smooth sound
- In this price range - nothing!

Tune 4 - Hifi & Musik (Sweden)

November 27 - 2016

"As usual, I started listening to heavy psychedelic trance music and directly got a mild shock over the high sound pressure which these small speakers can deliver. Reverberation is dark and the bass performance really impressive. Placed on a desk in a not too large room, the Tune 4 provide lots of joy and energy."
- Johan Ahlström, Hifi & Musik nr 12/2016

Tune 4 - Techtest.org (Germany)

November 01 - 2016

"Tune 4 is a premium speaker for sophisticated demands. Thus they play very natural and detailed what is very convincing especially when playing challenging music. They are not effect-speakers which try to convince by an exaggerated bass level. It is perfect for users who value detailes and balanced sound."
- Michael Barton

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Spirit Series - Zhuhai (China)

October 20 - 2016

"The new Spirit series is made for people who appreciate the true quality of music and movies. It is like real sound, which gives you the feeling to really be in the center of the event. Gripping bass as well as accurate mid and treble, are the strengths of the Spirit Series. The use of in-house developed and optimized high-quality drivers in neatly manufactured cabinets, with a great finish, is unique in this price range and even provides a larger number of audiences to enjoy the natural and balanced sound of XTZ speakers."

Tune 4 - Hörerlebnis (Germany)

October 16 - 2016

"With Tune 4, XTZ has really presented a powerful speaker in the compact speaker class. For the price you can build a small, fine high-end system, which can grow with increasing demands. Do not forget: The amplifier electronics is already included in the price. There is also a wide range of possible applications. It's just like a product of the now time from Cupertino, California. And as already described, like an espresso: small, strong and black - refreshing and rich in content."
- Andreas Limbach

Tune 4 - 99mac (Sweden)

October 13 - 2016

"The ultimate test for new speakers or headphones is usualliy if i get excited to go through my muisc library again and listen through every track with the new equpiment. This emerged fully when i listen to the TUNE 4 speakers, which shows the high quality of the speakers."
-Jakob Nilsson, 99mac

+ Flexible format, easy to place
+ Lots of inputs
+ Great sound
- No support for Airplay or Spotify Connect
- Simple app

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Tune 4 - Les Numeriques (France)

September 22 - 2016

"The XTZ Tune 4 is an excellent compact and powerful speaker for music lovers." The Tune 4 is a versatile loudspeaker for all hifi applications, despite the slight reductions in the possible connections (Wi-Fi application, USB, remote control). "
-Benoît Campion

+ Warm, musical sound
+ Wide sound stage
+ Compact and powerful
+ Solid construction
+ Many connections for a stereo speaker
- slight distortion at high volume
- preferred good recording
- slightly tippy
- Remote control a little too small

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Headphone Divine - EAR IN (Germany)

August 29 - 2016

"Even without DSP support the Headphone Divine sounds absolutely convincing. Neutral without the popular bass boost, it provides a pleasantly balanced, transparent sound that has a lot to offer in terms of fine detail and dynamics. Whether actively driven via Bluetooth or passively via cable the headphone does a great job. With the DSP the sound is even better. "
- Martin Mertens

Tune 4 - Ljud & Bild (Sweden)

August 26 - 2016

"XTZ speakers have a surprisingly rich bass for such small elements. They sound definitely bigger than they look, and electronic pop music rhythms have good fullness and weight. "
- Lasse Svendsen

All Customer Ratings

Produkt: EDGE A2-300
I am very pleased with the amp. i am able to squeeze my 2.1 budget system effortless (Marantz , Micca RB42 ). in the future i will buy another edge and use them both as mono block for an Ohms Walsh speaker set in my new home . they arrived perfectly to Calgary AB. Canada
Produkt: EDGE A2-300
Using the Edge A2-300 alongside several Emotiva PA-1 amps (now discontinued) which use the same ICEpower core. The sound is indistinguishable, which is to say of great clarity and detail. Shipping to the US took under a week, and the unit arrived well boxed.
Hi I have received my XTZ 10.17 Edge subwoofer today. Wow. Beautiful gloss black finish. Sound is awesome. I have heard many subwoofers including Rel and have owned a Bowers and Wilkins asw4000. This thing really is amazing for its size. Bass is super tight on par with the Bowers and Wilkins. Not as loud or quite as deep but it is less than a quarter of the size and looks so much nicer. I have been searching for a good subwoofer that is small enough to fit in my room but doesn't compromise on sound. I have found it. Truly surprised. It's magic. I was a bit worried if had made the right decision to buy something without hearing it for myself and was unsure of whether I should have gone for the 12.17 edge but I'm glad to say I think I'm made the right decision. Thanks
Produkt: EDGE A2-300
Just took delivery of this amp today and it’s hooked up to Dali Menuets on my desk fed by Tidal streaming through my ipad and Oppo HA2 on lineout. This is a fabulous set up and I’ve already had my first goosebump moment. I was a bit worried about it having too much power but the little attenuation knob on the rear has limited that risk nicely so no problems. I might struggle to get any work done now as everything sounds superb. Fits neatly on the desk and I think the form-factor is terrific. Great job XTZ!
Produkt: SUB 8.17
I’ve bought two 8.17 subwoofers mainly for stereo. They acompany my Kef LS50 W Active speakers. So now I have a complete active full range stereo setup. These little subwoofers are wonderfull.. they are powerfull and go as deep as 29 Hz in my 45 square meters room. I use Roon DSP for room correction (measured with REW) and add a housecurve with the KEF DSP. Crossovers are set internal in the Kef DSP, 80 hz for the Kef and 85 Hz for the 8.17 Now I have a powerfull clean and detailed bass and because the Kefs doesn’t have to play the deepest bass, they sound clean and fast in the midrange and highs. Thank you XTZ for these fantastic little subwoofers. I’ll hope XTZ one day will do active dsp speakers too.. the 99.25 maybe?
Produkt: EDGE A2-300
That small size is no indication of what this power amplifier is capable of. On the cooler side of neutral which is ok by me. That grip on the woofer of my Elacs is unheard of at this price range. Thank you XTZ for making high end sound available for the masses. Great after sales support too from XTZ, and a personal thank you to Tracy Zhang at XTZ HK for her patience and support.
Produkt: EDGE A2-300
The xtz edge a2-300 is a very good amp, so much power to such a little amp, neutral character, good bass control and definition, sweet enough and good resolution on the highs, only the mids are not exceptional, I will say a bit dry, but is acceptable in these price range, the imaging is exceptional, have a deep soundstage , not so large in width , but also depends on the speakers, one of the best characteristics its his excellent composure. A excelent buy and at this price I will say almost unbeatable.
Produkt: EDGE A2-300
Dopo un paio di mesi posso sentirmi di scrivere un parere su questo amplificatore,lo scopo e' quello di riprodurre musica liquida CD e vinile dunque ,premesso che l'edge 300 ha rimpiazzato un finale push pull a valvole di 6l6 da 20 watts e tuttora a pilotare il nuovo arrivato e' il mio fedele pre amplificatore a valvole made in Italy dela Lector M.L.A. Una piccola premessa va fatta, sono stato subito colpito da il fenomeno iniziale degli amplificatori in classe t qualche anno fa molto ben suonanti ma poco potenti poi sono passato al valvolare per notare questo prodotto in classe D ma dotato di una buonissima potenza quindi mi sono detto, voglio provare un finale di questo tipo,quasi privo di trasformatori.Bene prima di continuare devo dire che i diffusori sono una coppia di utah mod. 44 del 1976 Da 8 ohm e sono quelli che hanno ricevuto una seconda vita da questo finale di potenza che e' molto completo ....potente ,suono aperto e trasparente buonissimo con voci ,analitico dettagliato e velocissimo su alti toni bassi molto buoni e dinamici .La qualita' delle incisioni e dei file verra' esaltata se di buona qualita' m impietosamente castigata in caso contrario.un altro dettaglio sui diffusori che sono tre vie da libreria asospensione pneumatica con un bel woofer da 12 pollici .Unica cosa da fare e' trovare una buona regolazione del prezioso trimmer del volume per evitare di danneggiare le casse.ho ragggiunto il massimo da questa fortunata combinazione aggiungendo cavi di potenza Van Den Hull Hybrid e un buon cavo di qualita' tra pre e finale.Bene concludo dicendo che con una spesa ragionevole ho attuato un bellissimo cambiamento ricevendo anche i complimenti degli amici con i quali il sabato facciamo ascolti...bene grazie XTZ davvero un piccolo gioiello che vale molto molto....si quadagna ogni centesimo con un risultato davvero incredibile...preciso che ascolto Jazz Blues Afro Funky Reggae Rock e Fusion insomma un po' di tutto anche con vinile con il mio Technics SL 1900 .Spero di essere stato utile..Buon ascolto con XTZ Edge 300!!!
I have got this sub for a few months now. The room is over 25 square meters with a small kitchen and a hall (40 square meters counted together), so there is some place to move air. SUB12.17 plays in a 5.2 configuration. System is based on Polish loudspeakers (Pylon Audio, Diamond series), Yamaha (center and back) and NAD (front) amplifiers, and there is already one another subwoofer: Paradigm Seismic. The Paradigm is a little beast, with a very small, closed casing. But it's really powerful, Seismic it's not only an advertisement. So, the surrounding components are good quality. For now I have LFE signal through front speakers (they have very nice low end) and both subs. I had a bit of work to set subwoofers in the room, because of interference, but it's nothing special regarding a bit complicated system. When I compare Paradigm and XTZ both devices produces nearly same quality of bass, despite of absolutely different solutions (closed vs vented). XTZ is really fast, not muddy, also when REF is selected. Of course it goes really deep. For music I prefer REF, but for movies EQ2 with a bit of additional punch, just sounds better to me. What is really outstanding, XTZ has more tweaking options - standard vol, phase, cutoff knobs, eq presets and tuned vents. Movies and concerts are different, some of them with deep and loud bass line and some quite weak-sounding, and that's when XTZ comes in - fast switching or vents tuning and you're on the way. XTZ sub is really well made, details are outstanding (nice gloves, feels premium), and it sounds really good. I have to add that the manual is helpful, setup is easier, especially when you try to use EQ and vented ports.
My review after more than an year: The XTZ 10.17 Edge is a very well-made subwoofer especially in Gloss Black. The quality of the finish is simple superb. I have 2 with this finish for more than a year and they are still like new. Extremely resistant to wipe marks. This is not something we can say about many products with this type of finish. The brand support is also great! Always useful, fast and diligent. Regarding sound, I'm extremely happy with the subwoofers. I've heard a few subwoofers before buying this and after. I'm glad I choose to go with XTZ. For the price and size, I don't know nothing that comes close in terms of performance and adjustability. They sound great with movies and music. Fast, detailed and go really low even considering their 10” driver. The only downside I can think off… I had to do some work on my leaving room to eliminate a few rattles which were never apparent with my previous subwoofers😉. XTZ is a company that makes great products with great price-performance-quality ratio. The support is on the same level. I’m a very happy costumer.