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480 USD + 50 USD shipping (1 pair SPIRIT 4 | Matte White)
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spirit 4

The speaker looks its build like a tank.
the quality is absurd for the price.
the sound is ( let me put it this way ) = perfect bass perfect treble perfect balance with the natural sound ....
i test and compare to 4 sets of speakers that i love and so far i choose this spirit 4 to stay put on in mi music room....the bass is amazing without been overwhelm and the highs are not bright ...sensibility is ok...that would be my only observation but not low ...really like them ...buy with a lot of confidence and you will be thinking twice before buy another speaker i just can imagine how good the top of the line XTZ speakers can be...this is really really fantastic and the price is absurd...my speakers took 14 days to arrive and i was thinking on cancel the order...but the Waite is worth that and more...perfect perfect...i can go on and on but my first lenguaje is spanish....so sorry for not been more explicit ......( i have ) elac that i love the concetric design....i hace also the wharfendale 80 anniversary...great all around and beautiful...i have triangle borea wich is a perfect speaker and the Fyne bookshelf with a horn beutiful sound and build.....i can say....this xtz will replace all of them ...they take the number 1 spot for my music room....perfect balance of design and sound at an absurd price.. i can say this ones are $1500.00 and they are still excellent...please audition this before spending more,...no need.
alejandro medina