Room Analyzer II Pro

Room Analyzer 2 Pro

 "If you are looking for a way to gain more insight into how your speakers interact with your room and what to do to fix any issues, the XTZ Sound Room Analyzer II Pro kit is probably the easiest method out there."

- Audioholics - 

Room Analyzer II Pro - Audioholics (USA)

March 31 - 2014

"With kits like XTZ’s Room Analyzer II Pro, it’s easier than ever before for consumers to analyze the acoustics of their room and make the needed adjustments. At Audioholics, we have always said that great equipment is only part of the equation. Room Analyzer II Pro allows consumers to tackle all of these areas."
- Cliff Heyne

+ Comes as a complete package (mic, cables, tripod, software, case)
+ Automatically calculates PEQ to correct for room modes
+ Full featured (RTA, FFT, RT60, waterfall, SPL, etc.)

- Limited functionality to save/overlay curves
- Some issues with saving waterfall plots (patch pending)
- Not compatible with Mac

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Room Analyzer II Pro - Home Theater Shack (USA)

December 19 - 2013

"In summary, the XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro measurement system is well-built and accurate and comes with software that is extremely easy to use, while somewhat limited in functionality. The microphone can also be used with Room EQ Wizard using the supplied calibration file." "The two XTZ microphones matched almost perfectly, and they matched the reference measurement microphone within well under 1 dB except for a small departure of about one dB at 15 kHz."
- Wayne Myers

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Room Analyzer II Pro - (USA)

March 04 - 2013

"If you have more than a passing interest into acoustics, the XTZ Room Analyzer is a terrific gateway drug to get started learning: it including everything you need to get underway easily and is powerful enough to keep you busy for hours exploring the effect acoustics and proper set-up can have in achieving the most out of your equipment and your room."
- Tyler Stripko & Mark Vignola

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The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro kit came in a very practical and robust case. Inside it there is the equipment needed to do a room acoustics analysis. Everything looks good quality and is very well conditioned.
Assembling the kit was very easy, as it was installing the software. Operating it is very simple, as long as you understand what you're reading. In case you don't, the pdf operation manual gives a good help.
I already had an idea of what was the frequency range where my room needed to be compensated, but now i know exactly where. That´s the good thing about this kit, it provides you the information you need, fast and with accuracy.
I have the original room analyzer. It works as advertised providing RTA and other room measurements and it is simple enough for a novice to use. I especially like its ability to identify room note points. I can plug these into ROON and modulate them. I also appreciate the prompt and helpful customer service. When i have ever had a question on the use of product, i am getting good support.