Master M2 - HiFi & Musik (Sweden)

May 18 - 2016

"The speaker sounds phenomenal and is unique in its price range. It feels hard for me to write this review,  cause I just want to listen to this speaker all day long."
- Thomas Odeltor

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Master M2 - Stereo+ (Norway)

March 21 - 2016

Score: 5/5    "The result is very good, the music comes alive and the speakers oozes of excess and vitality." - Stereo+

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Master M2 - HI-FI WORLD Magazine (UK)

October 27 - 2015

"OUTSTANDING - amongst the best"    "Now I could hear what the XTZs are capable of – which is an exceptionally smooth, sophisticated sound which majors on detail and insight as opposed to artificially extended highs or lows."    "The open nature of the M2s also mean they reveal details in tracks that some other loudspeakers gloss over."    "There’s air and extension to the tweeter although not in the sense of sounding bright or forced. Instead instruments have a sense of life and timbre."    "If you want an accurate, revealing loudspeaker that will tell you exactly what your system is capable of, the XTZ Master Series M2s could be exactly what you are looking for. Partner them with the right amplifier and take time with positioning and tuning and they really do belie their price tag."    "VERDICT: A revealing, accurate loudspeaker that majors on detail and insight but is never less than enjoyable." NOVEMBER 2015 ISSUE VOLUME 25 : NO 9 | Please buy the magazine at

- Jon Myles , HI-FI WORLD Magazine

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Master M2 - Audio Video HD (France)

June 22 - 2015

Score: 5/5     "Master M2 is certainly one of the most impressive bookshelf speakers I ever had a chance to listen to, for its capabilities in terms of rendering reach a rare level in this range of price." "With Master M2, XTZ delivers a bookshelf speaker that truly deserves the "high end" label. Fantastic manufacturing quality, seducing look, but what impresses most is the level of performance, which would have nothing to fear in a comparison with many competitors waring a higher price tag"

- Pierre Dubarry, Audio Video HD

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Master M2 - Lyd&Bilde (Norway)

June 10 - 2015

Score: 6/6     "XTZ Master M2 do very much right and the consistent line of thought dominates the final score." 

- Sven Bilén, LYD & BILDE

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Master M2 - Hi-Fi Choice Magazine (UK)

April 30 - 2015

Score: 5/5     "Not just for the way it makes the bones of the music seem fresh and urgent, but it also captures and scales the entirety of the performance with rare precision and grace. It encourages you to listen for hours on end with zero fatigue. A revelation"

- Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

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Master M2 - Forum (France)

April 08 - 2015

"The tighest punchy bass I've ever had in my room and what a low extension for speakers of this size!"    "...they are crazily resonance free! Absolutely no vibrations..."     "I guess I will never reach their full potential."     "Spatialisation is mind blowing focused: the speakers often disappear letting singers and instruments just set at they right place. Tonal balance is a absolutely brillant: low bass is perfectly controlled, the richness of mid bass is magic, voices are so sweet and top frequencies are simply clear as cristal. You can listen these speakers for hours: I've never felt any fatigue due to harshness."    "I got them since over 6 months now, and they still surprise me (with idiot smile on my face)" 

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Master M2 - SuperAV (China)

March 17 - 2015

"Master M2 is a pure high-end allround speaker. It is as good as it can be, it's really “sound in balance” "... was it possible for a bookshelf to provide the same sort of presence as a tower speaker? The answer to this question was a resounding yes with theM2. Not only were they capable of throwing a gorgeous and enveloping sound stage, I was greeted with a level of detail that was clearly a step above anything that I had heard previously. Whether challenged with any music , the M2’s were capable of providing an incredibly satisfying experience and even at very high levels. Coupled with drop dead gorgeous looks and superlative build quality, these speakers represent a compelling candidate for anyone looking to fill a small to medium sized room. I would say that the price XTZ is asking for them is very low and you really can’t find anything else in the same price range which is even close when it comes to performance."

- Super AV

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Never have i been so satisfied with a product in 25 obsessed audiophile years. All pro reviews about the Master M2 are absolutely right. The M2 is a full success in all aspects; balanced, natural, wonderful midrange and soundstage, no glare at all, surprising holographic images on some recordings, deep and tight bass, great resolution, no distortion whatsoever, damping is top, driver integration is perfect due to good material and great crossover design. Plays very well low and loud.
absolute recommendation, with an honest and serious 20/10 for its price range.