Headphone Divine

"... I have tested a LOT of BT headphones and I can tell, you will NOT find this level of sound quality if not on very few BT Headphones which cost twice or thrice as much."

- Giogio, Head-fi.org - 

Headphone Divine - Audisseus (Germany)

March 23 - 2017

"With the XTZ Headphone Divine, the Swedes make an impressive debut in the headphone segment, comfortable to carry and uncomplicated in handling, the Divine is a good companion for its sensitivity and the low impedance of low-power amps from smartphone and co. While its balanced sound image does not have any weaknesses but scores with long-term suitability and agile suppleness."
- Fritz I. Schwertfeger

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Headphone Divine - EAR IN (Germany)

August 29 - 2016

"Even without DSP support the Headphone Divine sounds absolutely convincing. Neutral without the popular bass boost, it provides a pleasantly balanced, transparent sound that has a lot to offer in terms of fine detail and dynamics. Whether actively driven via Bluetooth or passively via cable the headphone does a great job. With the DSP the sound is even better. "
- Martin Mertens

Headphone Divine - Graczofil (Poland)

June 01 - 2016

"To sum up: XTZ Divine is a versatile headphone. With a fairly compact design and Bluetooth connectivity, you can conveniently use their smartphone to travel well and alternatively also offeres wired connectivity through the classic mini-plug jack of 3.5 mm. In addition, they look good, they are well made and can carry on a conversation by telephone. I appreciate the sound quality also very positively. The price at the time of this review is 170. Is it worth it? If you are looking for a wireless headset with a high quality, it is definatly worth to buy it."
- Graczofil

+ Sound quality
+ Production quality
+ Case and accessories
+ DSP and Bluetooth
+ 14h battery

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Headphone Divine - Head-fi.org (USA)

January 17 - 2016

Score: 4.5/5    "Excellent sound, light, fairly priced, excellent company, 60 days money back guarantee" "... I have tested a LOT of BT headphones and I can tell, you will NOT find this level of sound quality if not on very few BT Headphones which cost twice or thrice as much."

- Giogio, Head-fi.org

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Headphone Divine - Ljud & Bild (Sweden)

December 09 - 2015

Score: 6/6    "Particularly Reccommended Award"    "...here we simply end up in a class which is far above its price...  Price/quality is simply Outstanding!"

- Sven Bilén, Ljud & Bild

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Headphone Divine - DroidHorizon (USA)

May 28 - 2015

Score: 5/5    "Coming in at $179 they aren’t the cheapest headphones, but they are offering $500 worth of features and sound."

- Luke Thomas, DroidHorizon

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Headphone Divine - Home Theater Shack (USA)

May 30 - 2015

"At $179, Headphone Divine offers everything needed for a steal of a price."

- Todd Anderson, Home Theater Shack

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Headphone Divine - Digitallife (Sweden)

March 25 - 2015

Score: 4/5    "Wireless heaven" "With cord, the sound quality from the Headphone Divines is high. We're served with a wide sound stage and well articulated  instruments"    "It also sounds very good over bluetooth..."

- Henrik Persson, Digitallife

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I have been using these headphones for two years and am extremely pleased with them! After two years of regular use, I can attest of their sturdiness, and great sound, even without using the Dirac correction. The only downside is that after some use, it hurts my ears, but that is a problem I have with other super headphones, so I would love to have a new circus version maybe, or with bigger padding.
Something I would love to have is an app which allows the Dirac correction while using another music player such as Soundcloud for example.
Overall, the quality of sound , battery life and fabrication is amazing, and this is even better when you consider the low price.
Excellent product!
I supported this project in kickstarter and very happy with the performance of the headphones!
The sound is incredible and the battery life is outstanding!
The headphones are very comfortable and I can listen for hours without any ear fatigue. And the bonus is the dsp app that pushes the level even higer!
All I can say is the price performance value is awesome! great job HTZ!
I supported these headphones as part of the Kickstarter. They have been excellent! However, due to heavy use, one of the ear pads split recently. I contacted XTZ in Europe (I'm in Australia) and they referred my query to their China office. The person there, Tracy Zhang, was just superb, quickly handled my request, sent photos of the replacements so I was comfortable, and then organised a PayPal invoice and without any fuss corrected an error I made in payment. Seriously impressive customer service to go with seriously impressive headphones!
I bought these headphones about over year a go, and i still love these. Ive been used them when im biking, jogging, on a gym and many other activities and they sill work like they were new. And sound is amazing about this prize point, in my opinion these beats many other more expensive head phones on sound, and quality comes so close to that you've wouldnt even notice that these are half of cheaper than other this quality headphones. And these got wery low latency so ive had able being palying online games with bluethoot, without any problem. Got to mention that im from Finland and even wheater doesnt really seem to bother these headphones or battery.

only thing i can think what could be better, would be that there were somekind of buttons on controlls instead of flat surface what these got, because is some times hard to find right spot where to push.

As a basic user i really cant find any other flaws of these on those activities where i use them, some one else maybe can but if i had to choose again to bought these, i would bought them anyday over three cheaper bluetooth headphones or one expensive headphones.
First proper headphone I have owned and and after a year, still very impressed.
Sound is superb if unforgiving with lesser quality material. Sound is detailed and Bass is tight. Comfort is good though the bar could use a little padding.
Can and have used over long journeys without getting fatigued or hot and sweaty Ears
The XTZ player app is fine but could do with some enhancments to operation of the player and allow playing of other subscribed streaming services. However I found that if the quality of the tracks played are of such a level (I.e flac) the headphones works excellently without the app.
I have used these headphones for about a year now and they are superb. The build quality is just beautiful, bluetooth connects seamlessly, the battery lasts forever and they are comfortable to wear. Top class product and an excellent price.
Backed from KickStarter, it's a good headphone and it's still working solid!
It sounds great but sadly it's doesn't fit my head/ears properly so it gets un-comfy after a long duration. First few minutes of wearing though it's great!
The software is not updated on the android but this could just be a technical issue they're having.

Their service is superb so despite the negativity negative points made. It is a company that is worth trusting and to look out for :)
I'm used to earphones that you get for free when you by a smartphone.
When I tried this one my first thought was what clear and deep the sound were. Suddenly I heard details in the songs that I never had heard before.
Sometimes I thind that they sit a Little bit loose an the head. I would want them to sit a Little more tight.
I like them, good sound and good feeling wearing them. BT work is fine no drops out and great battery life. The handsfree function is not the main feature so the quality is not good, tried couple call and feedback was not good so don't use them for that.
Please make the Dirac DSP excusable for other manufactures like Spotify etc..
Had been nice to have some texture for the controls buttons so you fast find right button to press.
The blue LED I would have the options to turn off when using the headphone when it's dark, the LED flash is annoying sometimes.

Great headphones to great price.
I love the sound in these headphones. And the design :)
Jag är mycket nöjd med denna BT-lur, skönt att slippa krångla med kablar. Viktigt dock hur man sätter luren på huvudet, jag har glasögon och om skalmarna kommer emellan så tappar man det fina ljudet. Tycker dock inte som andra att luren är så skön på öronen, behöver vila öronen pga ganska högt tryck. Har provat att använda den som handsfree (iPhone SE)när jag pratar med kunder och där har det varit blandade resultat, en del säger att jag hörs bra medan andra klagar. Sitter i kontorslandskap och luren stänger effektivt ut omgivningsljud.
I am loving these headphone more and more.
Great build quality, solid connection and most importantly impressive audio quality.

The bass and the high extends much further than my UE900.
I really love the sound once I got the right seal and it becomes even better with the DSP.
The highs and lows are more balanced (the bass is a bit of a surprise considering the driver size). I can also hear more details in the music. There is very slight distortion at very high volume.
The Android app is quite well designed. The streaming feature is a nice touch.

The only thing I wish for is easier fit and perhaps some texture to distinguish between the buttons.

Highly recommend this if you want a good value wireless headphone with surprisingly good sound.

The headphone is a great example of what can be achieved when the software and hardware are paired up properly.
The headphone + DSP is indeed Divine.
I’m a fan of natural, unmodified and uncolored sound. Also I’m a music teacher and instrumentalist. Having some good experiences with Audyssey and similar DSP systems I decided to give it a try for headphones. I found the idea behind XTZ Divine Headphone more or less the same – using modern digital technology to correct any deficiences in sound reproduction still present in mechanical audio drivers.

However, the very first impression with these headphones when I put them on my head was not that great. They are on-ear, so only after some corrections to the band sizing and fit finally I found good acoustic sealing between hedphones' cups and my ears.

And then… yes, they started to sound right. I’m not going to use any fancy words usually abused by audiophiles to describe the sound, as they lack a point of reference and mean nothing to me. The sound i just RIGHT, every instrument sounds just like it was recorded/mastered in a studio. And that’s it, there is nothing more to add really.

Turning Dirac DSP off causes the audible change in the frequency response and some regions try to dominate others causing one instrument masking another, especially in medium-high range. Still sounding decent, but hey – if you buy these headphones, use it with DSP, cause you really want a “divine” experience :)
My expectations from reading several reviews were pretty high, but I have to say that this is a very good product:
Bluetooth pairing to my Android phone and tablet was easy, and delivers incredible sound!
I use the Dirac DSP when listening on my PC, and this makes them sound even better.

Pros: Crisp and clear neutral sound, design, build quaility and wearing comfort.
Cons: The buttons are a little hard to press.

I absolutely recommend this headphone!
Quick shipment.
Elegant packing
Detailed Owners handbook

After unpacking and charging the phone, it was easy to pair it with iPhone 6.
First time I put this on my head it feels like it was built for my head.
Very comfortable even after 2-3 hours of use

I have more expensive headphones (cable and with noise cancelling) that do not come near according detailed and clear sound.
The best sound obtains with use of XTZ Player or with Dirac Audi Processor (DAP).
Use of DS Audi player from Synology give great sound used directly from the Synology server or from DS Audio on mobile phone.
On my 2 channels stereo amplifier (AUX cable) it sounds perfect. No distortion.

I have used it on online meeting (called in by mobile phone) and the sound was clear and detailed and the microphone act perfect.

My wife tried them and it was not easy to get back again :-)

AUX cable could with benefit have been longer.

If the XTZ Player had supported playing from other vendors (streaming services) had been beneficial.
Search field for artist, songs and albums had been comfortably.

I recommend these headphones strongly.

From the beginning I had high expectations for these headphones. I currently own XTZ speakers and in my experience the company has always delivered excellent sound quality for the money.

Lets start off with the most important topic, sound quality. Unboxing these headphones left me a little worried, could these small headphones really produce a “big” sound? I am used to headphones with over-ear pads and a much bigger physical appearance. I can however confirm that this headphone punches much higher above its weight class, than the first appearance indicates. The sound signature is much like other XTZ products. Very detailed and true to the original mixing. Bad recordings will be delivered without makeup. Well produced tracks will make you smile and enjoy all the details, and care that has been put into the track in the recording studio. The highs are delivered crisp and vibrant with lots of details. The mid presents both voices and instruments in a very natural way, which lets you enjoy any genre of music. The bass is what surprised me the most, considering the modest driver size of 40 mm. It is tight and powerful. Not in a way that overshadows the rest of the frequency range, but strong enough to make bass cords and bass drum get to your ears and make your foot go up and down. These headphones can deliver a convincing sound with lots of punch.

The Bluetooth range is claimed to be up to 10 meters. I have been listening to music without any sound dropout, more than 20 meters away from my cell phone. Walls and obstacles will of cause reduce range, but generally the signal is very stable.

Battery life is excellent. You do not have to be worried about running out of battery, before your day is over. I have not performed a none-stop play test, but I suspect they play much more than 14 hours at regular listening level. When they eventually run out, they can quickly be recharged with a computer via the USB port or a phone charger.

Design is of cause a personal preference, but I think most people will like the sleek design. I like the matt black finish which covers most of the surfaces and the chrome finish in at the joints. The build quality feels very convincing. The joints feel solid and nothing looks or feels like it is going to fall apart anytime soon. I have had no worries throwing this pair in my backpack, with the rest of my stuff, when I go for work.

Nothing to criticize at all then? No, well almost. If you crank up the volume, the sound will still be good, but the perspective and separation of each instrument will gradually become worse. The buttons placed on the right side of the headphone can be hard to operate, while the headphones are on your head. All the buttons are made up of one big surface without any dents or markings you can feel with your fingers. I have both experienced pushing the wrong button and taking off the headphone to look for the right one. The DSP feature which these headphones are branded with, only works when you use the dedicated XTZ app. I play most of my music from other apps and have not been using this feature much.
Are these headphones bang for the buck? I would definitely say yes. At 170 € they are by no means cheap and in this price range there are lots of good headphones around. For the same price you can get wired headphones that will offer better separation of the instruments and better high volume performance. But these will often require you to spend at least an additional 100 € on an external headphone amp. Additionally these are often bulky and not that ideal for carrying around or using in the bus. The XTZ Divine have a perfect size and are easy to bring with you everywhere.
In short I would recommend these to anyone looking for a good pair of headphones for everyday use. If you are looking for something wireless, I think you will have a very hard time finding anything better.
I got tired of getting entangled in the headphone cables when listening to music. I was very happy with the performance of the xtz mh-800 amplifier speaker setup so I decided to try their headphones as well. I have used my xtz devine with bluetooth and sony Z4 tablet, listening to music and watching game of thrones, and the connection has worked flawlessly even when walking around in the room a few meters from the tablet. The battery life has been good and the charging quick. The fit of the headset is excellent, most headsets feel comfortable for a short while but this headset stays comfortable hour after hour. I really like that they are semi closed, they shut some ambient sound out but do not completely put you in a sound bubble which I find uncomfortable. From a functional point of view they have been close to perfect. I have not seen how to replace the batteries when they have lost recharging capacity, if they cannot be replaced this is my only complaint regarding design.
Reviewing sound is very subjective without a reference sound source and headphones. Overall I am very happy with the sound, far better than any headset I have previously owned like sennheiser 212 pro or beyerdynamic-mmx-101-ie, but of course not comparable to quality standalone speakers. The dirac software using the divine filter, on the PC using cable, produced an even clearer sound that was noticeable clearer. There is no android app at the moment and this is a shame particularly since there is one for ios.
The HeadPhone Divine is very well built, looks great and feels good both in the hand and on the head. Both earpads can be easily adjusted and it is really necessary to position the headphones correctly in order to get the best sound quality.
Pairing via bluetooth works as expected. I tried both my MacBook Pro and my android phone, both of which connected without any problems.
After many hours of classical music, jazz and electronica I have to say that these headphones are among the best I have ever listened to. Bass is very precise and powerful, without sounding blurry or washed out. Same goes for mids and highs, which sound very balanced and allow for long listening sessions. I have the impression that the sound stage is somewhere above and in front of me and completely separated from the headphones, which is great. On my Mac I also tried XTZs Dirac-Software, which makes the headphones sound even better and allows for some adjustments.
I have not checked the maximum battery runtime, as I always charge the Divines during the night, but I have been using them for more than 8 hours straight.
The only thing that could be improved is the buttons on the right side of the HeadPhone Divine, which work great but are difficult to feel with fingertips and require some getting used to.
To make a long story short: The sound is fantastic, the lossless bluetooth connection is stable and build quality is awesome.
I expected a lot but got more.