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EDGE A2-300 - Audiophile Magazine (Thailand)

July 23 - 2018

"A2-300 has passed my test of power and dynamic when I listen at high volume level with enormous bass music. I continue using high sound level but the chassis is only warm for my touch. This is normal to the ICEpower amp. I found that the frequency response is very stable and precise. It has good sound since the first minute after turn on, no need to wait for ten more minutes like other amps. The reserved power push music with like liked and musicality with truthful presentation. With various kinds of music, vocals, pops, any reordings, it generates sound with openness and no hiding..."This is the dream amplifier which is easy to use and you can live long with it. Anyone who is looking this style of amplifier, this is the golden opportunity for you."
- Kittikun

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EDGE A2-300 - Fairaudio.de (Germany)

June 18 - 2018

"Actually, I do not know any power amp - sorry for the somewhat flat-looking, but true statement - that delivers so much for so little money. It is not just the sheer sine wave power of the XTZ Edge A2-300, but the sound as well. On the plus side there is a strong, fast bass range, an astonishingly "analogous", almost tube-like fine midrange resolution, impressive coarse and fine dynamics as well as a stage construction, which is characterized by a clean, accurate presentation and a lively, non-dissecting sound. If you add price, workmanship and practicality (it's not a problem to put it in your laptop bag), you can only congratulate the manufacturer for the XTZ Edge A2-300. "
- Jochen Reinecke

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EDGE A2-300 - Hifi-journal.de (Germany)

May 14 - 2018

"The XTZ Edge A2-300 can be ordered in the online shop of XTZ direct sales for currently 495, - Euro and thus is a real price-performance blast."
- Matthias Fengler

+ very good workmanship
+ harmonious choice of material
+ Power / SPL reserves
+ efficient technology
+ Rack mounting option
+ Price / performance ratio

- no XLR input

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EDGE A2-300 - AREA DVD (Germany)

March 23 - 2018

"XTZ creates the sensation with the EDGE A2-300: a "Masterpiece", our highest and therefore rarely awarded test award, for a two-channel amplifier that costs just EUR 495. High-quality processed, extremely compact, and acoustically simply terrific. That's what winners look like."
- Carsten Rampacher

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Tonight I set up my glass break burglar alarm because I had the volume cranked🤩. I love my xtz amp!!!!
I had an old Nad amp that was lacking clarity, also the Quad 12l speakers I had did not have enough bass for the open plan living space. I opted for the A2-300 with the addition of the sub 8.17. All I can say is wow..... THe clarity, soundstage and the bass from the sub is awesome. I thought I may need new speakers, but the Quads sounds amazing with this set-up. I really think both the amp and sub makes my system sounds like true high end system
Quad 12l speakers
Pre-amp Bluesound node 2i
XTC 8.17 sub
I am very pleased with the amp. i am able to squeeze my 2.1 budget system effortless (Marantz , Micca RB42 ). in the future i will buy another edge and use them both as mono block for an Ohms Walsh speaker set in my new home . they arrived perfectly to Calgary AB. Canada
Using the Edge A2-300 alongside several Emotiva PA-1 amps (now discontinued) which use the same ICEpower core. The sound is indistinguishable, which is to say of great clarity and detail. Shipping to the US took under a week, and the unit arrived well boxed.
Just took delivery of this amp today and it’s hooked up to Dali Menuets on my desk fed by Tidal streaming through my ipad and Oppo HA2 on lineout. This is a fabulous set up and I’ve already had my first goosebump moment. I was a bit worried about it having too much power but the little attenuation knob on the rear has limited that risk nicely so no problems. I might struggle to get any work done now as everything sounds superb. Fits neatly on the desk and I think the form-factor is terrific. Great job XTZ!
That small size is no indication of what this power amplifier is capable of. On the cooler side of neutral which is ok by me. That grip on the woofer of my Elacs is unheard of at this price range. Thank you XTZ for making high end sound available for the masses. Great after sales support too from XTZ, and a personal thank you to Tracy Zhang at XTZ HK for her patience and support.
The xtz edge a2-300 is a very good amp, so much power to such a little amp, neutral character, good bass control and definition, sweet enough and good resolution on the highs, only the mids are not exceptional, I will say a bit dry, but is acceptable in these price range, the imaging is exceptional, have a deep soundstage , not so large in width , but also depends on the speakers, one of the best characteristics its his excellent composure.
A excelent buy and at this price I will say almost unbeatable.
Dopo un paio di mesi posso sentirmi di scrivere un parere su questo amplificatore,lo scopo e' quello di riprodurre musica liquida CD e vinile dunque ,premesso che l'edge 300 ha rimpiazzato un finale push pull a valvole di 6l6 da 20 watts e tuttora a pilotare il nuovo arrivato e' il mio fedele pre amplificatore a valvole made in Italy dela Lector M.L.A. Una piccola premessa va fatta, sono stato subito colpito da il fenomeno iniziale degli amplificatori in classe t qualche anno fa molto ben suonanti ma poco potenti poi sono passato al valvolare per notare questo prodotto in classe D ma dotato di una buonissima potenza quindi mi sono detto, voglio provare un finale di questo tipo,quasi privo di trasformatori.Bene prima di continuare devo dire che i diffusori sono una coppia di utah mod. 44 del 1976 Da 8 ohm e sono quelli che hanno ricevuto una seconda vita da questo finale di potenza che e' molto completo ....potente ,suono aperto e trasparente buonissimo con voci ,analitico dettagliato e velocissimo su alti toni bassi molto buoni e dinamici .La qualita' delle incisioni e dei file verra' esaltata se di buona qualita' m impietosamente castigata in caso contrario.un altro dettaglio sui diffusori che sono tre vie da libreria asospensione pneumatica con un bel woofer da 12 pollici .Unica cosa da fare e' trovare una buona regolazione del prezioso trimmer del volume per evitare di danneggiare le casse.ho ragggiunto il massimo da questa fortunata combinazione aggiungendo cavi di potenza Van Den Hull Hybrid e un buon cavo di qualita' tra pre e finale.Bene concludo dicendo che con una spesa ragionevole ho attuato un bellissimo cambiamento ricevendo anche i complimenti degli amici con i quali il sabato facciamo ascolti...bene grazie XTZ davvero un piccolo gioiello che vale molto molto....si quadagna ogni centesimo con un risultato davvero incredibile...preciso che ascolto Jazz Blues Afro Funky Reggae Rock e Fusion insomma un po' di tutto anche con vinile con il mio Technics SL 1900 .Spero di essere stato utile..Buon ascolto con XTZ Edge 300!!!
I purchased this amp for my TV setup, no triggering required due to signal sensing which works very well. The only thing I would say is that they should consider a model with balanced inputs, this amp deserves that level of connectivity. Very pleasantly surprised. A pair of these in monaural mode would be very interesting indeed. I may just have to try that some day.

You shouldn't expect sound like this from an amp of this price, it has oodles of power, the bass is tight and well controlled, the level of detail is very good without being harsh, I can listen to this for hours without fatigue. The noise floor is silent.

This would make a great desktop amp for a pair of passive monitors.

The build quality is excellent.

I'm using mine with a Yamaha WXC-50 into a Chord 2Qute DAC with Chord Shawline wiring all round. Paired with a digital streamer /pre-amp this makes a very nice bit of kit.
I recently bought an XTZ Edge A2-300 to experiment with bi-amping my PMC IB2SE’s. My Rogue tube amp might like some relief with the bass. Testing the XTZ Edge as stand alone power amp, I get flabbergasted at the control and entertaining musicality it presents. Yes, I get a bit nervous about the seeming synthetic high frequency timbre. My usual interconnect from preamp has too fat plugs for the Edge’s terminals, but rummaging through my dismissed cable drawer I found van den Hul carbon interconnect. Fantastic - it matches the Edge very well. The resulting sound is very agreeable. The dynamics, transients power, resolution and control in the Edge is stunning. And at this price it is a killer! I could easily live with it as my only power amp.
Great amplifier, luxury look, open sound, great bass. Deserved any Euro. Better than my Quad 99 stereo.
Hi All,

Just recently bought The XTZ Edge a2-300 as i was hoping to have a bit more grip and control of the low-end of my Mirage Speaker and PMC’s.

And Wow!!! Never ever have i been blown away by any audio product i Bought like The Edge! You Guys at XTZ do what your goal is and thats making High-End Audio Affordable for everyone! Great job! The Edge a2 has no problems controlling my Speakers at all! Extremely fast! Faster than My Genelec system in my Home Studio. Very Powerful, Dynamic, clean, flat, musical, and spot on!

Some say its sound a bit like a Tube Amp, but i also produce/mix/master Music and yes you can hear the absolute source, so if they used a tube EQ or Compressor in the Studio on Vocals for example you will hear that clearly. It reveals layer after layer. No listening Fatique at all! I am truly impressed! Bought one for my Father too and he use it with his PMC’s and same speed and all, and so happy with it!

Sadly only five Stars to give as its not normal having this great sounding Amp at this price! Iistened to Hegel H160, Luxman 550 series and many many more but its not even 1% less sounding as it fully Controls the Speaker!

Also still love my XTZ 99.36 MKII, Headphone Divine and XTZ EarPhones all great and affordable Products but the Edge is from Another Planet! Best Regards Patrick Alphenaar.