Earphone 12

EarPhone - 12

"We rarely give Awards, but we would like to be quoted for "10/10 for the price" - XTZ Earphone 12 is a little gem - and it's affordable." 

-  Kim Olsen, Nerds.dk

EarPhone-12 - Nerds.DK (Denmark)

May 01 - 2015

"We rarely give Awards, but we would like to be quoted for "10/10 for the price" - XTZ Earphone 12 is a little gem - and it's affordable." 

-  Kim Olsen, Nerds.dk

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EarPhone-12 - mobiflip (Germany)

January 19 - 2014

"I am positively impressed by the XTZ EarPhone-12th The design convinced the functionality is largely given, the comfort fit and the best thing about this package is the sound. for 70 euros you get here is simply a very balanced piece of technology."

- Charles Engelken, mobiflip

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EarPhone-12 - ByTheWay (Greece)

June 25 - 2013

"Editors Choice - Award"    "Overall the sound quality they offer is extremely high and exceeded my expectations. This is because until now my experience has been to not expect much from earbuds. But in this case the performance is at the same level as a quality headset, making EarPhone-12 a very good choice for those who demand quality sound."

- ByTheWay

EarPhone-12 - HVT (Netherlands)

May 20 - 2013

"Fabulously good! For the relatively paltry sum of €70 you the man/woman in possession of an in-ear which gives the high, middle and low-balanced sound, they’re comfortable and there is also an attractive appearance. Listening to Internet radio - at the highest possible data rate, BBC Radio 3, 320kbps – leaves no listening fatigue even after hours of listening - a sign of low distortion." 

- Theo Wubbolts, HVT

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EarPhone-12 - Hifi & Musik (Sweden)

May 16 - 2013

"A couple of very affordable, high-performance in-ear headphones, almost sensational good with DSP correction switched on." 

- Jonas Bryngelsson, HiFi & Musik

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EarPhone-12 - Gadget Speak (UK)

April 07 - 2013

Score: 4/5 "The advantage is that music and vocals don't sound harsh but simply smoother and more natural. It's like top-tapping along at the back of the concert rather than having your ears and body thrashed in the mosh pit at the front. Instead of just hearing sound, you can actually identify and follow individual instruments. I also began to noticed subtleties and details I'd previously never noticed on some of my favourite tracks. Outside noise isolation is good and none of these qualities are lost, even at low volumes and in noisy environments. They will play loud without distortion, but you simply don't need them to. Suddenly music is not just being used to block out the outside World, but it becomes the soundtrack of our lives."

- JohnMason, Gadget Speak

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EarPhone-12 - Ljud & Bild (Sweden)

March 14 - 2013

Score: 6/6    "The first thing you notice is that they sound correct, everything is where it should be and it sounds surprisingly good, especially considering the price. In the top range frequencies these earphones offer a resolution that no other earphone in this price range has. It sounds high-end!"

- Sven Bilén, Ljud & Bild

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EarPhone-12 - Best Buy (China)

March 12 - 2013

Headphone Best Buy Award 

- hdavchina.com

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EarPhone-12 - Home Theatre Technology (China)

March 10 - 2013

"Earphone-12 creates clearly wider range of sound in middle frequency and better performance in cohesion of sound and provides more information and give more smooth and soft sound. And also, it sounds not stiff, but widened much at once. It shows unprecedented performance on sound details and texture, the voice thickness is not only moderate, but also full of vigor..."  

- Wenfeng, Home Theatre Technology

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EarPhone-12 - PrimeAV (China)

March 05 - 2013

"...after it's well burn-in, it shows its wide sound field, clear and soft sound, not emphazing quantity of the low frequency, but persuing the detail quality. Compared with Grado RS-1 headset, EarPhone-12 presents a plain and calm trend and if compared with Etymotic ER-4P monitor earphone, it shows more elegant and mild." 

- Huang Guoxuan, PrimeAV

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The headphones come with an extensive range of brilliant accessories such as a airplane adapter and a 3.5mm jack to 6.3mm jack adapter. Different sized ear plugs are also supplied. The ear plugs are an insanely good fit and fit so snugly in your ear it's a complete seal.

The sound from the headphones is superb with deep bassy tones and crisp quality. For this price point it's definitely the best you can get your hands on.

The two earphone heads are magnetic which is very useful to keep them together and it prevents any tangling in your pocket.

Their customer service is brilliant as well and it's nice to see they care about all their customers so well. :)

I highly recommend you purchase these headphones because they are without a doubt the best headphones I've ever tried.
I got this free with the headphone devine on kickstarter the first one broke (one of the earpiece stop producing sound) but they offered me another one with a slight discount in price.
The first one lasted about a year but 2nd one is going to reach a year in 4 months. so will it still survive? - just have to wait.

It's plastic but it's magnetic so it's a good design and looks nice. The sound quality is great too, however it's not as competitive as other earphones like the Vsonic V3DS. The software on android is still unknown but their customer service is great!

The Earphone 12 is a pleasure to listen to.

Voices are clearly understood and the frequency spectre is impressively good.
These earphones sound extremely natural and keep inviting me to listen more and more.

Want to enjoy music to the fullest ? then listen to an earphone 12 !
I've written a somewhat extensive review here:
In the packaging there are many accessories, which was nice to see. you recieve a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter, an airplane adapter and S,M,L ear tips.

These are totally worth the buck if you want good sounding earphones.
The soud quality is amazing and I can't say I've heard better from other ear-plugs. The sound got even better after adjusting DSP and EQ.
I also like the magnetic grab feature, which makes it harder for the cords to tangle up.

On the other hand the included ear tips a bit too stiff and in an odd shape. And when combined with the slightly bigger design of the headphones, even the largest ear tips don't want to stay in the ear and tend to slip out. I put on other ear tips that are softer and more round and they stay in the ear a bit better.

All in all I'm suprised with the way they sound.
I recieved the headphoes from winning a giveaway.
Just received them today and I can say it's so awesome like having professional studio in your ears, I can now hear sounds I didn't hear in music before
Very good quality. Noise Isolation is really good!
Sound is a lot better than standard iphone earpods, also more comfortable.
The product shipped and arrived really quick. It came well protected and the package is what you except, the earphones, S,M,L ear tips. It would be nice to include comply foam tips and a carry case. You also get a airplane adapter and 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter.

I bought this earphones to listen to music when out of home, with my smarthpone. I didn't want to spend too much on a DAP and IEM's. So I decided to give this IEM's a try and the Android app with the DSP. When i first plug them in on my smartphone, i wasn't blown away, however i wasn't expecting to be with a 70 euro earphone. But when i turned in the DSP and adjusted the EQ, they just came to life. Bass extension became a lot better, without blowing the rest of the frequency response. The mids and vocals became more prominent. The highs became less harsh. Basicaly the frequency response became as advertised. Without the DSP, they don't have much bass presence and the highs can be a bit harsh. However when you buy these it is to take advantage of the free app, and with it they really deliver good sound.

I don't have much to compare. I have a pair of philips SHE3590, that are very good for 10 bucks, but get blown away by these earphone 12. And i have the Fidelio X2. Compared to these headphones, they have less soundstage and the bass is not as pleasing, But these headphones are 300 bucks and they are open back. I really doubt that for 70 euro i could get better sounding earphones than these ones.

For a further revision, include more eartips, like double flange ear tips and comply, a case and make them more comfortable. They are not uncomfortable by any means, but for long periods of listening can be a little bit. Altought this kind of earphone are not designed for long using periods

All in all I'm pleased with the way they sound, and for what XTZ achived here for this price point. And to take with me everywhere, they just do their job right.
This is the image of "Bang 4 Buck" i dont have the ios dirac since i dont like iPhone, but theese plugs deliver way over their price anyways! The suppled plugs that where mounted fitted perfectly. You get quite alot of accessories with these plugs wich was a nice surprise.
I think the slogan " Sound in Balance" fits theese very well, it just lacks the last bit of trebble but i can certanly live with that