Cinema Series - HifiVision 16/2018 (Germany)

July 13 - 2018

"The M8 Tower and M8 Center, with the eye-catching 6-channel array of tweeters, provide an ideal dispersion with ultra-low distortion. Combined with the S5 dipols and powerful SUB1X12 subwoofer, the XTZ Cinema set is a real eye-catcher for rousing home theater sound at the highest level. "

+ THX-Ultra licensed
+ strong high-tonal array
+ enormous dynamics

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Cinema Series - (Germany)

May 18 - 2018

"The developers at XTZ know their compatriots - no wonder the XTZ Cinema series offers so much power, dynamics and the proverbial bang for a buck."
- Raphael Vogt

+ Very neutral, balanced sound
+ Extreme dynamic reserves
+ Ingenious subwoofer
+ Flexibly combinable

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Cinema Series - Hemmabio (Sweden)

March 14 - 2018

"The XTZ set masters the art of playing both super-detailed and extremely loud, which is not possible with many affordable systems."
- Thomas Odeltorp

Cinema Series - HEIMKINO (Germany)

February 02 - 2018

"In our test cinema, the XTZ set was able to implement 100 percent of its laboratory-determined advantages and played at a particularly high level. The perfect tonality of the entire set and its balanced dispersion characteristics, which forms the basis for precise spatiality, really appealed to us. Even acoustically very complex scenes from films like "Lone Survivor" or "Edge of Tomorrow" were solved wonderfully by the Cinema-M8-Set and left dialogues crystal clear above everything else without dissecting the whole picture or even destroying it."
- Michael Voigt

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I am using the XTZ M8 with the XTZ A2-300 amplifier, and they both perform really well.

The angled speaker makes for a bit easier placement, but it fires quite widely so you don't need to be in the "sweet spot" to hear everything with all the clarity. Highly recommended.
Wow, that's an amazing pair of speakers. I use the M8 in my dedicated home cinema with M8 Center, and 2 x S5 and while other home cinema speakers are quite often not suitable for stereo music or even multi channel music, the M8 Tower sounds absolutely great in Stereo. While for the home cinema, I prefer a stronger bass, for stereo I prefer a neutral reproduction. The M8 Tower plays very, very deep but also very controlled and not with the typical "bass boost". Thus, I even use them in direct mode for stereo. Good job guys!