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"...an incredibly good home theatre system for its price range that also handles most music exemplary well"

- Magnus Fredholm, Hemmabio - 

95 Series - Ljud & Bild (Sweden)

December 22 - 2013

XTZ 95.44 does, which we have learned to expect from XTZ, an excellent job considering the price. With the possibilities to adjust the speaker you can achieve a good sound in different set-ups. 95.44 is basically good for all kind of music. It should clearly be on the candidate list for those looking for a well-playing speakers in this price range .-Sven Bilen, Ljud & Bild

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95 Series - Hemmabio (Sweden)

July 01 - 2012

"...an incredibly good home theatre system for its price range that also handles most music exemplary well"

- Magnus Fredholm, Hemmabio

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Due to personal recommendation, I bought myself a complete 5.1 system of 95 series and I'm overwhelmed by the sound, the design and processing.
My system includes front speakers 95.44, rear speakers 95.24, center speaker 95.33 and a subwoofer (99W12.16). The speakers fit great with my AV receiver (Denon AVR-X2100W).
Whether I listen to music in stereo mode or Blueray with 5.1 soundtracks, it is always a pleasure.

Highly recommended and the price - / performance ratio is unbeatable in my opinion.

Good work from Sweden:)
Firstly I bought the 95.44 as a 2.0 stereo system together with a Denon AV Receiver. That is really a nice combination with good and dynamic sound. In the future, I want to make this a whole surround system, so the next speaker will be the 95.22 as surrounds and a 95.33 as center. I hope they are as good as the floorstanding speaker concerning precision and dynamics.

However, the 95.44 is also looking really nice with the aluminum drivers and the ribbon tweeter.
I bought myself the 95-Surround Set a few weeks ago and am just thrilled!
The sound is just great, regardless whether it is movies or music. It is a like a dream.
I have owned these speakers now for nearly 2 years which i feel is enough time so that i can write about them properly.

My setup consists of these speakers in a 2.1 arrangement with a B.K Monolith sub and a Harmon/Kardon media receiver.

This speakers are by a mile the best i have ever owned. Everyone who comes around for the first time comments on the imposing stature of the speakers and the build quality which so far has been fantastic, then they hear the speakers. The sound quality blew me and everyone else away, i can hand on my heart say sub £750-900 NOTHING comes close to these. The sound is very true to recording and honest, with these speakers you really can pick out the intricacies in the music and notice things that you hadn't heard before. Also the fact that they are tuneable in regards to the bass response is great, it meant i could tailor the sound that i wanted for my setup.

Hours of daily use has really put these speakers to the test and now they are bedded in and ready to go, i can with 100% confidence recommend the brand and products to anyone, after my experience with these speakers i find myself listening to more varied music genres just so i can try and exploit every last db of the drivers. Speakers that sound so good they have got me listening to all types of music........ who wouldn't like to explore beyond the musical horizon.

Amazing speakers at a really very fair price with 2 day UPS delivery from Sweden............... incredible.