Bookshelf Speakers

Compact loudspeakers from XTZ combine the highly praised features of our floorstand speakers in a compact cabinet. Awarded many times by the press and valued by our customers, we focus on the reproduction of excellent mids and highs. This is accompanied by a punchy and dry bass, which is regularly surprising the listeners. In order to accomplish these tasks, our compact speakers are equipped with drivers, which are usually only used in significantly higher-priced models. In combination with the complex crossover and excellent processing and finish, the result is convincing music and home cinema enthusiasts.

13 - 10 - 2016
"The ultimate test for new speakers or headphones is usualliy if i get excited to go through my muisc library again and listen through every track with the new equpiment. This emerged fully wh...

06 - 06 - 2016
"The XTZ Divine 100.33 is  priced at High End beginners, sonically it is in a whole different league. The name Divine contributes as such because it manages to transport music and emotion...

99.25 LCR
03 - 06 - 2016
"High-quality finish, first-class sound and favorable purchase price: XTZ offers with 99.25 and SUB 8.17 an all around successful 2.1 Ensemble." "For relatively low purchase price yo...

30 - 05 - 2016
"Given the quality / price ratio, this is probably the best monitor pair I ever had the pleasure of testing."  "The XTZ TUNE 4 awards you with good sound, aesthetics and a nice ...

99.25 LCR
25 - 05 - 2016
"Far from it, the floorstand speakers are giving even for acoustically most demanding material their best and convince with precise timing, wonderful balance and excellent fine dynamics. The M...

18 - 05 - 2016
"You can probably tell I'm in love with this system. If you think I've got carried away, I can only suggest you have a listen yourself. At this price, few speakers emulate the feelin...

09 - 05 - 2016
"In the low frequency range, the small active speakers deliver at first glance exactly what is needed at the envisaged application: Bass sound especially at close range and powerful - yes, exa...

24 - 11 - 2014
Score: 10/10     "Recommended - Award"    ”XTZ’s gobsmacking 5.1 speaker system is packed with innovation, is beautifully engineered and sounds f...


The 95.24 was designed to fill two roles; on the one hand to complement the surround system of the 95-Series and on the other hand as an excellent stereo system. Due to the outstanding performance of the high-end ribbon tweeter, the sound is precise, smooth and very dynamic. For the midrange and bass, a specially coated woofer is used to achieve great transient response. The combination of these two drivers makes the 95.24 a perfect choice if you are looking for a high-quality compact speaker. Additionally, the speaker’s sound characteristics can be adjusted by using the supplied plugs to adjust the bass or the jumper to adjust the tweeter on the back of the speaker.


TUNE  4 is an active compact speaker system with a focus on performance and convenience. To achieve this, the amplifier is integrated in the speaker itself, making the TUNE 4 very flexible and easy to manage. The amplifier offers all the inputs you need; an analogue input, a digital input and also the latest Bluetooth™ 4.0 with AptX® technology, providing versatile wireless streaming and CD quality sound. Furthermore, the Tune 4 comes with Apps for PC and mobile devices that optimize the frequency and impulse response to further optimize the sound. It also offers 6 presets to customize the sound to your preference.

Spirit 4

The Spirit 4 is a very flexible and versatile bookshelf speaker which can be either used as an excellent stereo setup or integrated into a thrilling surround system. As the Spirit 4 uses the same tweeter and mid/bass driver like the Spirit 11, it is a perfect match and able to perform with highest precision and accuracy. Despite the handy size of its cabinet, the deep bass qualities are astonishing. The usage as a stereo system is especially recommended in rooms where powerful and dynamic sound is desired but where there is not enough space for larger speakers.

Spirit 6

To only reduce the Spirit 6 to its extraordinary abilities as center speaker does not cover the whole spectrum which this exceptional allround talent is able to deliver. Spirit 6 was constructed as center speaker in high class multichannel setups but can also be used as front- or surround speaker. Due to the ultimately precise silk dome tweeter which is surrounded by two mid/bass drivers in D'Appolito arrangement, Spirit 6 is capable to reproduce any signal in a natural and accurate way. Even the bass is deeper and more powerful than expected which makes this speaker extremely flexible in every way.

99.25 LCR

The 99.25 LCR belongs to the third generation of the 99-Series, a speaker line famous for the outstanding quality of its drivers.  To complement the inside technology, the speakers feature a gorgeous multilayer paint finish. In our view, they exceed any comparable offerings in their price range.  In the case of the 99.25, the ribbon tweeter which is used originates from Fountek and is one of the best on the market. The ribbon is supported by a mid-bass driver from the well-known Norwegian driver manufacturer SEAS. Both drivers together create a perfectly balanced and accurate sound which let you detect every detail in your favorite music or movie. You will appreciate the speakers’ smooth and precise sound reproduction as well as the unique finish of these jewels.

Cinema S5 Dipole 3x

To deliver a maximum realistic scenery, the S5 is not just a usual dipole speaker. The S5 is very unique and let you have three options for adjustment: Front firing, Dipole and Dipole 3X (Both Dipole and front firing sound mode) The lower frequencies are very important for an accurate dipole reproduction and thus the S5 is equipped with two broad-band drivers on the sides. These drivers can be operated in different ways to ensure you enjoy the perfect surround feeling, producing a perfect combination of accurate and spacious sound. The Dual-Tweeter array on the front can handle high sound pressure levels while consistently producing crystal clear, detailed sound. It is supported by a high-class mid-bass driver which ensures the highest accuracy. Lean back and enjoy the rich, dynamic and yet wide sound of this incomparable surround speaker.

Cinema M6

The Cinema M6 was only created for one single task: Providing the best possible cinema experience in home theaters. To achieve this high goal, the M6 was developed with various special technologies. The Quad-Tweeter array provides high sound pressure level and optimized dispersion at the same time. Furthermore, it creates never before heard crystal clear sound to achieve maximum fidelity. Two mid-bass drivers in a D'Appolito arrangement provide the highest dynamics and perfect precision. These two systems combine in a closed box to produce astonishing accuracy, maximum power and dynamics. Discover this unique home cinema speaker and enjoy its detailed, rich and dynamic sound.

Cinema M8

The Cinema M8 is an absolutely unique home cinema speaker in many ways. It features 8 drivers in a compact cabinet to offer you a high flexibility concerning its placement and at the same time provide a perfect home cinema experience. To achieve these goals, the M8 comes with six tweeters in a hex tweeter array and two 8“ bass drivers in D‘Appolito formation. This unique combination features a perfect radiation pattern which provides perfect sound not only for a single listener like many other systems do but also for several people sitting besides each other. Another advantage of the construction is the high efficiency and the extraordinary power handling which enables the M8 to fill rooms with up to 120m² with  powerful and clean neutral sound.

Divine Delta

Just a glance at the extraordinary equipment with the best high-end components and the flawless processing of the Divine Delta show the claim of this exceptional speaker. Both the ceramic tweeter and the two ceramic mid-bassrange drivers are made by the German manufacturer Thiel & Partner (Accuton) and are among the best drivers in terms of impulse fidelity and precision. In the intricately shaped and stiffened case, the drivers are able to work within optimal, resonance-minimized conditions and thus provide a sound experience that is way above the speakers pricerange.