Room Analyzer II Pro

Room Analyzer 2 Pro

 "If you are looking for a way to gain more insight into how your speakers interact with your room and what to do to fix any issues, the XTZ Sound Room Analyzer II Pro kit is probably the easiest method out there."

- Audioholics - 

Construction Type: Professional room measurement system
XTZ Room Analyzer Software: Included for Windows, OS X (through Windows simulator)
Measurable Aspects: Real Time Frequency Analysis - RTA, Frequency Response - SPL, 2D / 3D Waterfall plot, SPL meter, Spectrogram, Delay Alignment
Enclosed accessories: High quality Electret microphone, USB Microphone Amplifier, Cables ( USB 3m, Microphone 4m , XLR - RCA 5m ), Microphone Stand, Aluminum transport case
Warranty: 2 years
Quantity: 1 piece