Floorstand Speakers

Floorstand speakers are often described as the king's class of loudspeakers with good reason. In addition to their unique adaptation possibilities, the floorstand speakers of XTZ convince in the respective price class, in particular by extremely high material usage. The trade also highlights the exceptionally high-quality drivers, crossover, and the processing in general. Over the entire frequency range our floorstand speakers play with the highest dynamics and are still an ornament for every listening room. Particularly the precise and detailed mid-high range, as well as the deep and clean bass, are convincing music and home cinema enthusiasts all over the world.

Divine Alpha
09 - 03 - 2017
"The XTZ speaker therefore marks its place in the dance of the top speakers, which are still affordable. Practically nowhere is there more box for money - first-class housing, highly solid, br...

99.36 FLR
04 - 08 - 2015
"Performance way above its price range"    "...here we have the speaker bargin of the year!"    "100 percent home run"- Magnus ...

Spirit 11
07 - 03 - 2017
"The Spirit 11 doesn't sound or look like a beginners speaker at all. The processing is very high-quality, the massive cabinet is equipped with an excellent varnish finish and is very val...

99.36 FLR
24 - 03 - 2016
"But already without a subwoofer and with the support of the center and surround speakers, the floorstanding speakers show who has the upper hand. The bass reaches extremely deep down and does...

99.36 FLR
07 - 01 - 2016
"If you are searching for the best sound for your home cinema, have an eye on this XTZ-combination - Highlight"- Jochen Schmitt, Heimkino-Magazin+ First class finish+ Outstanding sound+ E...

99.36 FLR
25 - 05 - 2016
"Far from it, the floorstand speakers are giving even for acoustically most demanding material their best and convince with precise timing, wonderful balance and excellent fine dynamics. The M...

99.36 FLR
22 - 07 - 2015
"Nice design, great finish, excellent sound, a lot of sound-tuning adjustments - if you consider the price, this speaker is just awesome."- Volker Frech, Lite-Magazin

Spirit 11
13 - 12 - 2016
"With its sturdy and almost austere appearance XTZ gives a very solid impression. It is conveniently, well built, not too expensive and also sounding with a high entertainment factor. Actually...


The 95.44 was built to serve as a full range speaker with excellent drivers and therefore a very harmonic, detailed sound. The ribbon tweeter we use is one of the best available on the market and is not seen anywhere else in this price range. Above the ribbon, a midrange driver with a very good transient response reproduces these very important parts of music and home cinema correctly. Supported by two bass drivers, the 95.44 can play really deep down and create room filling fundament. Enjoy the encompassing sound of these excellent floor standing speakers, in either a stereo or home cinema layout.

Spirit 11

Outstanding performance in home cinema, thrilling in stereo operation - Spirit 11 convinces with high class components and advanced technologies in every disciplin. The tweeter is a 25mm silk dome in waveguide execution to retain maximum precision at highest SPL. The mid/bass drivers originate from the own laboratory and are perfectly customized for operation in the cabinet together with the tweeter. The dynamics which this combination is able to deliver is second to none and reaches from the deepest bass to the finest heights. Impulses are reproduced accurately and provide for goose bumps for music and film enjoyment.

99.36 FLR

The 99.36 FLR is the third generation of the famous 99-Series from XTZ. All of its predecessors have gained great reputations due to the outstanding value they represent in this price range given the incomparable quality of the drivers which are used. The Fountek Tweeter is one of the best available on the market and the mid-bass and bass drivers originate from the Norwegian manufacturers SEAS. These drivers, combined with the excellent finish of the cabinet and the multiple sound tuning capabilities offered (using the supplied plugs for the bass reflex tubes and the jumpers on the back), make the 99.36 FLR an absolutely unique speaker.

Cinema M8 Tower

The long and thorough development of the numerous unique technologies which are used in the Cinema M8 Tower have lead to an outstanding home cinema speaker with multiple advantages compared to common systems. To provide a neutral and thus harmonic sound to a broad audience with people sitting besides each other, the M8 Tower features 8 drivers in a special formation: The six tweeters are mounted in a hex tweeter array while the two 8"  woofer drivers form a D'Appolito arrangement. Both arrays make sure that all listeners benefit from the clean sound characteristics while it also enables the M8 Tower to reproduce even highest SPL with minimum distortions and therefore fill even large home cinemas of up to 120m² with its powerful sound.

Divine Alpha

The Divine Alpha incorporates every property of the absolute top of high end speakers. It starts with the midrange driver and tweeter from Accuton which consist of special ceramics, continues with the customized bass drivers from SEAS and end with the Mundorf components and Supra cables in the crossover. The accuracy, naturaleness and souvereignity of the sound is unmatched and allows the Alpha to play at inconceivable high sound pressure volume with full precision and control. All this is integrated in the perfetly polished multi layer piano paint on the harmonically curved cabinet. Convince yourself by listening to this masterpiece of loudspeaker construction!