Floorstand Master M2

Master Floorstand

Master M2 is certainly one of the most impressive bookshelf speakers I ever had a chance to listen to, for its capabilities in terms of rendering reach a rare level in this range of price."

- Pierre Dubarry, Audio Video HD

Floorstand Master M2

The Floorstand Master M2 stands guarantee a flexible and stable positioning of Master M2 speakers. They fit perfectly both aesthetically and mechanically with the Master M2 but it fit ofcource on other speaker too.

The stand is made of stable MDF whith a topplate of metal.

The stand also hides the speaker cables so there are no loose cables leading to the actual speaker.  Just as the speakers they are painted in a piano  black finish . The rubber spikes can be switched to metal spikes(M6 tread) . To further add stability and weight the stands can be filled with sand.