Class AP100

Class AP100 is a pure power amplifier capable of delivering high end sound to your loudspeakers. AP100 offers you the possibility to switch between class A mode for maximum sonic performance, or class AB for maximum power. The AP100 is a robust yet technically advanced product giving the listener a perfect balance between performance and a long life span, which guarantees many years of trouble free use. 

Class A or Class AB

Class AP100 is constructed to let you select class A or class B mode. If you want to focus on lower power consumption, select class AB mode and if you want maximum sonic performance select class A. 

The amplifier is equipped to offer you top end performance. All inputs and outputs are gold plated high quality units. A powerful toroidal transformer guarantees an efficient power supply. All sections are separately shielded to minimize cross hearing and interference. Twin differential input stages and fully symmetrical circuitry through the complete signal path ensures perfect performance. The differential circuitry helps suppress distorsion, especially the odd overtones. The output stage itself provides High End performance thanks to the use of fast bipolar transistors from Toshiba, which are also capable of very high output currents and handling tricky load impedances. 

The cabinet 
The new cabinet design, with its softer and smoother edges, is in all essential parts made from highly stable aluminum. This enhances the impression of quality and provides a rigid construction. Outer interference is effectively shielded, and the aluminum helps with heat dissipation, spreading it evenly through the amplifier. 

Technical Specification

Output power:

2x50W 8 Ohms (Class A) 

2x110W 8 Ohms 

2x180W 4 Ohms 

2x350W 2 Ohms Bridge mode 

1x 370W 8 Ohms 1x 500W 4 Ohms 

Construction type:

Class A possible to switch over to
class AB 

Size: 150 x 435 x 410 mm/460mm incl volume knob and speaker terminals (HxWxD) 

Weight: 22 kg 

Technical info:

Fully balanced low distorion circuit board design 

Technical data:
Distortion: < 0.03% (20Hz to 20kHz, 10W) 

Input sensibility : 1.0Vrms Damping factor: > = 100 

Input impedance: 20 kohm 4 output
transistors per channel Ring-core transformer

Frequency range:

5-50k Hz (non flatness < 0.5dB)

Connections and settings: 

2 inputs XLR/RCA Gold-plated RCA connections 

Solid gold-plated loudspeaker connections for banana plugs, fork plugs and screw plug 2 inputs XLR/RCA 

Gold-plated RCA connections Solid gold-plated loudspeaker connections for banana plugs, fork plugs and screw plug