Center Speakers

Center speakers play an important role in multichannel systems, since they have to reproduce a large part of what happens centrally on the screen. For this reason, we attach great importance to optimize the radiation and perfect voice reproduction when developing the XTZ center speakers. This ensures that also listeners who are not sitting centrally in front of the screen can enjoy the home cinema and music experience with maximum intensity. The numerous enthusiastic customer feedbacks confirm us once again and again in combining excellent drivers with sophisticated frequency crossovers and high-quality finish to enable the optimum use as a center speaker.

99.25 LCR Center
07 - 01 - 2016
"If you are searching for the best sound for your home cinema, have an eye on this XTZ-combination - Highlight"- Jochen Schmitt, Heimkino-Magazin+ First class finish + Outstanding sound +...

Spirit 8 (C)
13 - 12 - 2016
"With its sturdy and almost austere appearance XTZ gives a very solid impression. It is conveniently, well built, not too expensive and also sounding with a high entertainment factor. Actually...

M6 Center
01 - 05 - 2015
Score: 5/5 "The XTZ multichannel system convinced by its unusual design, excellent workmanship and, most importantly, - excellent sound in a home cinema environment. The asked selling price is...

99.25 LCR Center
07 - 01 - 2016
"Providing high-end drivers for a beginner's price, the 99.25 offers an outstanding price/performance ratio. Extremely clean, very dissolved, neutral and fine, these compact speakers...

M6 Center
19 - 09 - 2014
Score: 6/6    "Speaker system of the year - award" "This speaker system is a winner. It offers first class sound quality and dynamics in a price range where ...

99.25 LCR Center
04 - 08 - 2015
"Performance way above its price range"    " we have the speaker bargin of the year!"    "100 percent home run"- Magnus ...

Spirit 6
06 - 03 - 2017
"XTZ has practically done everything right with the Spirit series: natural, harmonious and precise sound, noble workmanship, contemporary look - and the whole at a price that amazes. For a aro...

M6 Center
24 - 11 - 2014
Score: 10/10     "Recommended - Award"    ”XTZ’s gobsmacking 5.1 speaker system is packed with innovation, is beautifully engineered and sounds f...

Spirit 6 Center

To only reduce the Spirit 6 to its extraordinary abilities as center speaker does not cover the whole spectrum which this exceptional allround talent is able to deliver. Spirit 6 was constructed as center speaker in high class multichannel setups but can also be used as front- or surround speaker. Due to the ultimately precise silk dome tweeter which is surrounded by two mid/bass drivers in D'Appolito arrangement, Spirit 6 is capable to reproduce any signal in a natural and accurate way. Even the bass is deeper and more powerful than expected which makes this speaker extremely flexible in every way.

95.33 Center

The 95.33 Center is a perfect choice for high-class surround systems and home cinemas. Its voice reproduction is extremely accurate and at the same time very natural. The high-end ribbon tweeter which is used in the 95.33 is able to reproduce sound in a form that far exceeds what you would expect from a comparable speaker in its price range. In combination with the specially coated mid-bass drivers, the 95.33 is a perfect choice for a center speaker due to its great performance and accuracy. If necessary, the sound can be adjusted by using the supplied plugs and/or jumpers on the back of the speaker. The 95.33 Center is able to fully transform the sound of your home cinema into sounding like a live concert!

Spirit 8 Center

Spirit 8 is a perfect choice as center speaker in high class multichannel setups. During the development, special attention was paid to the voice reproduction and an optimized dispersion pattern. Both factors are of fundamental importance for homogeneous and natural surround sound. The optimization was done by adding a waveguide to the silk dome tweeter and by spending huge effort on the development of the frequency crossover. The customized drivers fit ideal to all other speakers of the spirit series and provide highest dynamics and accuracy. Thus Spirit 8 is predestined for an immersive home cinema experience.

99.25 LCR Center

The 99.25 LCR Center belongs to the third generation of the 99-Series, a speaker line famous for the outstanding quality of its drivers.  To complement the inside technology, the speakers feature a gorgeous multilayer paint finish. In our view, they exceed any comparable offerings in their price range. In the case of the 99.25, the ribbon tweeter that is used originates from Fountek and is one of the best on the market. The ribbon is supported by a mid-bass driver from the well-known Norwegian driver manufacturer, SEAS. Both drivers together create a perfectly balanced and accurate sound which let you detect every detail in your favorite music or movie. You will appreciate the speakers’ smooth and precise sound reproduction as well as the unique finish of these jewels.

Cinema M6 Center

The Cinema M6 was only created for one single task: Providing the best possible cinema experience in home theaters. To achieve this high goal, the M6 was developed with various special technologies. The Quad-Tweeter array provides high sound pressure level and optimized dispersion at the same time. Furthermore, it creates never before heard crystal clear sound to achieve maximum fidelity. Two mid-bass drivers in a D'Appolito arrangement provide the highest dynamics and perfect precision. These two systems combine in a closed box to produce astonishing accuracy, maximum power and dynamics. Discover this unique home cinema speaker and enjoy its detailed, rich and dynamic sound.

Cinema M8 Center

The development of this unique home cinema center speaker features several very special technologies to offer an astonishing performance in a relatively compact cabinet. All together, the M8 center uses 8 drivers to achieve a sound experience which is absolutely unique amongst home cinema speakers. Six tweeters are formed together in a hex tweeter array to optimize the dispersion pattern in order to create optimum sound, not only for a single listener like many systems do, but for a large number of listeners sitting besides each other. The large amount of drivers furthermore provides extraordinary high SPL capabilities together with minimum distortion which enables the M8 Center to fill even large home cinemas and hifi rooms of up to 120m² with it's clean, neutral and powerful sound.

Divine 100.33 Center

The Divine 100.33 competes with the finest high-end speakers. Its audiophile genes are apparent when taking a closer look at the drivers. The two mid-bass ceramic units are made by the German high-end manufacturer Accuton and belong to the best in the world. They are mounted in a D'Appolito arrangement around a world-class ceramic dome tweeter from Visaton. The cabinet is perfectly finished and gives the 100.33 an absolutely exclusive and distinguished look. At the same time, the cabinet is perfectly selected to optimally support the drivers. You will enjoy this loudspeaker in every way possible.

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