Accessories - Overview


Heavy metal spike for the speakers and speaker stands.

Monoblock nails that fit most speakers on the market.

Adjustable in height

The package also includes tiles that protect the floor from scratches.

M6 threaded with 2 different lengths of screws. Stepless adjustment thanks to the lock washer.

Titanium anodized steel.

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Exclusive Jumpers with 99.99 % oxygen-free copper cable with guldpleterade forks for optimal and lossless connection between terminals. 

Inner Diameter : 8mm 
Width : 12mm 
Length : 25mm 
Thickness : 1mm 

Twinned 2x1 , 5mm 99.99 % oxygen-free copper cable 
Length : 45mm, overall length 100mm 

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We have all the cables that you would need, in diffrent lengths and connectors. 

Audiocable  Blue line 
XLR Gold
Star Quad 
White Speaker cable

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We have diffrent stands thats are perfectly design to our different speaker models 

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Speaker Wall Mount

Wall mount your speaker with this flush mount kit for a sturdier mounting (or to mount horizontally). This consists of a plate that fits on the back of the speakers and a corresponding plate that goes on the wall. The two plates easily interlock and leaves enough room (15 mm) for the wires to connect as the speaker hangs on the wall.

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