An accurate soundstage combined with high dynamics for a great price, that is what its fans love the 95-Series for. The use of a high-class ribbon tweeter is completely unique in the price range of this series but enables the speakers to perform with an unrivalled precision. By coating the woofers with titanium oxide, the impulse response could be even further improved. The metallic look of its drivers makes the 95-Series really stand out of the crowd and gives it the exclusive look. Due to the ornate frequency crossover, the reproduction is very natural and well balanced which provides the listener with an immersive sound experience.

  • High class Ribbon tweeter
  • Titanium oxide coated Midrange
  • Titanium oxide coated Woofer
  • High quality crossover
  • Optimized cabinet design
  • Black and White finish
  • Magnetic mount front covers
  • Room Tuning adjustments
Ljud & Bild (Sweden)
Hemmabio (Sweden)
Super AV (China)