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XTZ 12.17 EDGE will be titled "Best in Test" in issue 6/2019 by HemmaBio magazine
Posted on 2019-05-23T00:00:00 by Hampus Morberg

The test is focused on 12-inch subwoofers, and a few 13-inch subwoofer. Prices range from SEK 7990 - SEK 17990! A very honored title with such tough competition! "We have tested 12.17 Edge before, and it is interesting to see how you can repeatedly deliver such a good base, and always at such an attractive price as well."XTZ is a subwoofer that can play very strong, which goes all the way down without trembling on the cuff and also can be tweaked very efficiently for different rooms. Best in test for the price range!" - Magnus Fredholm

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