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XTZ is present on the Bristol Show 2018
Posted on December 28 - 2017 by Berthold Daubner

XTZ is present on the UK Bristol Show 2018 from 23rd - 25th February 2018 in room 422.

XTZ on the 2017 Guangzhou Hifi Show
Posted on October 13 - 2017 by Berthold Daubner

XTZ presented numerous new hits on the 2017 Guangzhou Hifi Show. Amongst others, the upcoming Cinema M8 and M8 Tower were shown to the visitors. Furthermore, the top model, Divine Alpha was presented.

XTZ will be present on the Bristol Show 2018, Room 422
Posted on September 11 - 2017 by Berthold Daubner

The Bristol Show 2018 takes place from Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th February 2018

The Show takes place in: MARRIOTT CITY CENTRE HOTEL BRISTOL Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD

XTZ showed the upcoming Cinema M8 on Kuala Lumpur International AV 2017 Show
Posted on August 15 - 2017 by Berthold Daubner

 XTZ had local representation and they showed the world's first production runs of XTZ's new home theater system. XTZ M8 LCR speakers and S2 Atmospheres fronted the system with S5 surround speakers with XTZ Sub 3x12 for the low ended. Despite show conditions the system was plenty exciting with clean authoritative bass. Read more

New Dirac Audio Processor Software!
Posted on February 17 - 2017 by Demo User

The Dirac Audio Processor Software have been updated to new versions, we highly recommend everyone to upgrade.

It contains several stability and driver fixes with newer versions of Windows and MacOS.

You can download the software here:

2016 Guangzhou International Audio Exhibition
Posted on January 19 - 2017 by Hampus Morberg

A lovely image from XTZ's exhibition in Guangzhou. Here we see the Divine ALPHA, Spirit series and Cinema M8´s. Exciting news that
should not be missed! Did you miss the chance to experience the new products in China, next up is Stockholm, Sweden!

High End Fair, Stockholm (18-19th of of February)

XTZ Cinema-Set is amongst the best speaker products 2016 (
Posted on December 12 - 2016 by Berthold Daubner

The XTZ Cinema-Set is amongst the best speaker products 2016 on the french home-cinema site

"The sound image is transparent, precise and exactly reproduces the original record. The Cinema S5 dipoles create an extremely spatial sound which can verticality be supported by two Cinema S2 and is supplemented by the 1X12 which offers a superb compromise between closed box and bass-reflex. Very demanding, the ensemble will nevertheless require a (very) solid amplification in order to exploit their full potential."

XTZ attends Guangzhou AV fair
Posted on November 14 - 2016 by Berthold Daubner

XTZ is exhibiting at the 2016 Guangzhou AV fair from 18th to 12th November in Room 646 (6th Floor).

Meet XTZ at Gothenburg hifi-show 17-18 september
Posted on August 08 - 2016 by Jens Hörmann

XTZ is attending in the biggest hifi-show of Sweden in Gothenburg.
Visit us in Scandic Opalen in room "Vinga".


North West Audio Show
Posted on June 22 - 2016 by Jens Hörmann

Epic HC, UK Partner of XTZ sound will be unveiling exclusively to the UK Public their new flagship 3 way full bodied speaker at the North West Show,  the Divine Alpha.  “High end drivers and an exquisite design and at unbeatable value for money price” says the company’s press release. 

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