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Munich High-End 2019
Posted on June 05 - 2019 by Hampus Morberg

Bugatti presents its sound system from the German Accuton at the High End fair in Munich 2019.The same manufacturer for the rich tweeter, midrange and base drivers used in the XTZ DIVINE series. More info can be found on the XTZ DIVINE series.

XTZ 12.17 EDGE will be titled "Best in Test" in issue 6/2019 by HemmaBio magazine
Posted on May 23 - 2019 by Hampus Morberg

The test is focused on 12-inch subwoofers, and a few 13-inch subwoofer. Prices range from SEK 7990 - SEK 17990! A very honored title with such tough competition! "We have tested 12.17 Edge before, and it is interesting to see how you can repeatedly deliver such a good base, and always at such an attractive price as well."XTZ is a subwoofer that can play very strong, which goes all the way down without trembling on the cuff and also can be tweaked very efficiently for different rooms. Best in test for the price range!" - Magnus Fredholm

SUB12.17 EDGE - Tested in the Swedish cinema magazine "HemmaBio"
Posted on February 01 - 2019 by Hampus Morberg

"Our warmest recommendations. We are just surrendering to XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge! It's a very good subwoofer in just about every way, and if you have $ 10,000 to spend on a subwoofer this is where you should put your money!"

Divine Delta has received the "Masterpiece" award
Posted on September 10 - 2018 by Hampus Morberg

German has taken a closer look at our exceptional speaker and gives the rating:
"It could not be better: The XTZ Divine Delta currently sets the standard for money"

The Swedish Cinema magazine "Hemmabio" have reviewed the XTZ SPIRIT 12
Posted on August 03 - 2018 by Hampus Morberg

"A well thought out product like this one is fun to write about because I can give a wholehearted recommendation."... "Otherwise, this is good, really good. "

XTZ received numerous awards during the last months
Posted on July 18 - 2018 by Berthold Daubner

During the last months, several XTZ products have been tested and awarded numerous awards. Beside the "Masterpiece Award" for our new stereo power amplifier, EDGE A2-300 which has been the only product below 1000€ to ever receive this award from the german online magazine,, there were several awards for the new Cinema M8 set and our new flagship compact speaker, Divine Delta.

In the following, please find a summary of the awards which XTZ products have received during the last 4 months:

- Cinema Series - HifiVision 16/2018 (Germany)

- EDGE A2-300 - (Germany)

- Divine Delta - (Germany)

- Cinema Series - (Germany)

- EDGE A2-300 - (Germany)

- Divine Delta - (Germany)

- EDGE A2-300 - AREA DVD (Germany)

- Cinema Series - Hemmabio (Sweden)

XTZ exhibits on numerous fairs in september
Posted on July 16 - 2018 by Berthold Daubner

In september 2018, XTZ is running hot exhibiting on numerous HiFi fairs in Europe and China.

We're looking forward to meet you at one of the shows!

In the following, please find the summarized info:

08-09. september: Süddeutsche Hifitage, Stuttgart, Germany - https://sü

15-16. september: GÖTEBORG HIFI-SHOW, Göteborg, Sweden -

14-16. september: Guangzhou AV FAIR, Guangzhou, China

22-23. september: The Audio Show, Chester, United Kingdom -

29-30. september: Westdeutsche Hifitage, Bonn, Germany -

Sound & Vision | The Bristol Show 2018
Posted on February 27 - 2018 by Hampus Morberg

We thank you for all the nice visits during the Hi-Fi Show in Bristol!
A full-featured cinema system with the new M8 and M8 Tower and the was persented.

XTZ is present on the Bristol Show 2018
Posted on December 28 - 2017 by Berthold Daubner

XTZ is present on the UK Bristol Show 2018 from 23rd - 25th February 2018 in room 422.

XTZ on the 2017 Guangzhou Hifi Show
Posted on October 13 - 2017 by Berthold Daubner

XTZ presented numerous new hits on the 2017 Guangzhou Hifi Show. Amongst others, the upcoming Cinema M8 and M8 Tower were shown to the visitors. Furthermore, the top model, Divine Alpha was presented.