EDGE A2-400
YouTube Review
29 - 04 - 2021
"I love its power, its simplicity, its ability to always sound great no matter what genre or music I listen to, or what speakers I connected to it. I think it's a great amp!"-Andrew ...

EDGE A2-400
24 - 04 - 2021
Power and control! Highly recommended! Quality/design: 8/10 Sound quality/price: 10/10 Original review in Norwegian. 

SUB 12.17 EDGE
23 - 05 - 2019
"We have tested the 12.17 Edge before, and it is interesting to see how it, time and again, can deliver such good bass sound, and always at such an attractive price."

SUB 12.17 EDGE
01 - 02 - 2019
"Our warmest recommendations. It is only to surrender to XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge!iIt's a very good subwoofer in every way, and if you have 10,000 SEK to spend it is this subwoofer you wil...

SUB 10.17 EDGE
05 - 09 - 2018
"Sufficiently fast with ports plugged, sufficiently deep and heavy bass with EQ adjustments in the right positiion and open ports, along with a really affordable price."

Spirit Sub 12
03 - 08 - 2018
"A thoughtful product like this one is fun to review because I can give a wholehearted recommendation, but it's hard for me not to make a brainwashed impression when I'm not ...

EDGE A2-300
23 - 07 - 2018
"A2-300 has passed my test of power and dynamic when I listen at high volume level with enormous bass music. I continue using high sound level but the chassis is only warm for my touch. ...

EDGE A2-300
23 - 03 - 2018
"XTZ creates the sensation with the EDGE A2-300: a "Masterpiece", our highest and therefore rarely awarded test award, for a two-channel amplifier that costs just EUR 495. High-quali...

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Our direct sales strategy - Without detours directly to your home

Our direct sales strategy - Without detours directly to your home

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Munich High-End 2019
Bugatti presents its sound system from the German Accuton at the High End fair in Munich 2019.The same manufacturer for the rich tweeter, midrange and base drivers used in the XTZ DIVINE series. Mo...

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XTZ 12.17 EDGE will be titled "Best in Test" in issue 6/2019 by HemmaBio magazine
The test is focused on 12-inch subwoofers, and a few 13-inch subwoofer. Prices range from SEK 7990 - SEK 17990! A very honored title with such tough competition! "We have tested 12.17 Edge bef...

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SUB12.17 EDGE - Tested in the Swedish cinema magazine "HemmaBio"
"Our warmest recommendations. We are just surrendering to XTZ SUB 12.17 Edge! It's a very good subwoofer in just about every way, and if you have $ 10,000 to spend on a subwoofer this is ...

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