Divine Alpha
09 - 03 - 2017
"The XTZ speaker therefore marks its place in the dance of the top speakers, which are still affordable. Practically nowhere is there more box for money - first-class housing, highly solid, br...

99.36 FLR
22 - 07 - 2015
"Nice design, great finish, excellent sound, a lot of sound-tuning adjustments - if you consider the price, this speaker is just awesome."- Volker Frech, Lite-Magazin

SUB 12.17
26 - 01 - 2016
"Reference -Award"    Score: 9/10    "XTZ have established a new reference at affordable price."     "I ha...

24 - 11 - 2014
Score: 10/10     "Recommended - Award"    ”XTZ’s gobsmacking 5.1 speaker system is packed with innovation, is beautifully engineered and sounds f...

Spirit 11
07 - 03 - 2017
"The Spirit 11 doesn't sound or look like a beginners speaker at all. The processing is very high-quality, the massive cabinet is equipped with an excellent varnish finish and is very val...

SUB 3X12
08 - 09 - 2015
Score: 5/5    Value: 5/5    "Product of the Year Award"    "The XTZ Cinema Series 3X12 subwoofer is one of the most powerful subwoofers we&rsq...

06 - 06 - 2016
"The XTZ Divine 100.33 is  priced at High End beginners, sonically it is in a whole different league. The name Divine contributes as such because it manages to transport music and emotion...

Headphone Divine
09 - 12 - 2015
Score: 6/6    "Particularly Reccommended Award"    "...here we simply end up in a class which is far above its price...  Price/quality is simply Outstanding!" - Sven Bilén, Ljud & Bild
Direct-Sale Strategy
Direct-Sale Strategy
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Best value for money
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Worldwide shipping
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Excellent customer service

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New Dirac Audio Processor Software!
The Dirac Audio Processor Software have been updated to new versions, we highly recommend everyone to upgrade.It contains several stability and driver fixes with newer versions of Windows and MacOS...

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2016 Guangzhou International Audio Exhibition
A lovely image from XTZ's exhibition in Guangzhou. Here we see the Divine ALPHA, Spirit series and Cinema M8´s. Exciting news thatshould not be missed! Did you miss the chance to ex...

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XTZ Cinema-Set is amongst the best speaker products 2016 (audiovideohd.fr)
The XTZ Cinema-Set is amongst the best speaker products 2016 on the french home-cinema site audiovideohd.fr.:http://www.audiovideohd.fr/guides/424-Guide-d-achat-enceintes-0.html"The sound imag...

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